Platform Builder is a toolkit which can be used for creating your own 2D side-scrolling platformer games. The primary goal of Platform Builder is to be easy and fun, yet still chock full of features and controls which allow you to make something truly unique. This isn't the type of program which requires you to spend weeks or months learning before you are ready to build anything. You can get started in minutes.


Platform Builder comes in two different versions. There is Platform Builder Standard which is totally free. You can also purchase Platform Builder Pro for only $8.00 to unlock everything the program has to offer.

With Platform Builder Standard, you can...

  • create full games or use Sandbox mode to build single levels.
  • spread your levels across a single overworld, multiple overworlds, or don't use overworlds at all.
  • play by yourself or grab a friend for 2-player co-op mode.
  • craft your own title screen, game over screen, and victory screen.
  • design your own custom enemies, items, projectiles, characters, and bosses.
  • choose from a wide variety of build-in backgrounds, tiles, music, and sound effects.
  • add camera effects, control the weather, or change the physics of your levels.
  • define specific goals which need to be met in order for your levels to be completed.
  • construct your courses in one large single area, or you can utilize doors or pipes or area goals to travel from place to place.
  • create alternative "secret" exits to change the course of your game.
  • place items inside locked chests or items boxes, or set a price on the items to create your own item shop.
  • construct courses with a moving camera.
  • design for standard movement or with auto-runner games
  • enable the "smart tool" to auto-complete certain building tasks.
  • rearrange how your various items are displayed to maximize your productivity.
  • learn quickly with our tutorials, the in-game manual, or right-click on almost anything to learn what it does.
  • publish your games or sandbox levels to the Platform Builder community so that you can play each other's games straight from Platform Builder.
  • find help and support straight from the developer.

       (If you would like to export your project for PC, please contact us.)


Purchase Platform Builder Pro for $8.00 to unlock even more!

With Pro, you get everything in Platform Builder Standard plus...

  • Unlimited characters, areas, overworlds, custom enemies, custom items, custom blocks and custom projectiles.
  • NPCs (non-playable characters) which can interact with the playable characters.
  • Custom physics for your characters
  • Controls for importing your own backgrounds, sprites, tiles, music, and sound effects.
  • The warm, fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you are supporting an indie developer!


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