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About the Suggestions Page and Rules for Using Them Hi everyone!

This is TingThing, developer of Platform Builder. This suggestions page is an opportunity for you to voice your ideas for future versions of Platform Builder. You can suggest features, items, enemies, usability, or anything else that comes to mind.

I would love to include everyone's requests in Platform Builder. Of course, the reality is that this is not possible. But as you think of possible suggestions, it might help you to know the kinds of things I think about when making decisions...

  • How much desire is there in the PB community for this to be added?
  • How much time would this take to incorporate into Platform Builder, and what other things would I have to leave out for lack of time if I did this?
  • Am I able to do this with the programming skills that I have?
  • Am I able to do this with the way that PB is already put together?
  • Would adding this feature be volatile to the structural integrity of PB's code?
  • Am I able to do this in a way that is true to PB's unique niche and direction in the game-design industry?
  • Would I be able to do this in a way that it feels complete and not a half-baked job? In other words, would this feature make PB feel more whole, or more lacking?
  • Is this the proper time to add the feature, or are there more pressing issues at hand?
  • Would this be used by many in the community, or would it be used mostly by the person requesting it?
  • How versatile would this feature be for the overall needs of making games in PB?
  • Does this feature favor only people who like advanced controls in PB, or would it help beginners as well?
  • Would this make Platform Builder more enticing for people interested in using the program?
  • Is this something I would enjoy doing? (Call me selfish, but making PB is something I do as a side hobby, not as a job.)
  • Is there a workaround already, and if so, how easy is the workaround?
  • Would this feature help me collect better screenshots and video clips to help promote Platform Builder and leave good first impressions?
As you can see, there are a lot of things going on here, much more than simply how much a feature is desired within the community. Many of these factors are things which only I am able to know because of my unique position as the developer. Because of this, my general policy with requests is to not tell people why I have chosen to include or not to include certain features. There are so many requests that if I started all of these back-and-forth conversations behind my rationale for everything, I would be overwhelmed by the amount of explaining I have to do and nothing would ever get done with Platform Builder. I also want to leave the door open in case I ever change my mind, and that is much harder after a long and hard conversation telling someone that I won't do it. There are some exceptions to my policy, but not many.

Even though I hardly interact with requests on here, I read every single one of them. I really value requests and if you look back at the update logs, you will see that the vast majority of updates in recent times have been fulfilling requests or doing things which were necessary because of fulfilled requests (or squashing bugs, of course).

So here's the guidelines and rules for the suggestions page (Updated 9/2/2020):

  • Please, request away!
  • Feel free to include reasons why you think your suggestion is good or helpful or necessary.
  • If you like what someone else has requested, respond to the request and say so. Again, there is a lot more to my decision-making process than just community desire, but community desire is definitely a part.
  • If you don't like what someone else requested, then kindly state your thoughts on the matter or ask for more reasoning behind the request or don't say anything at all. Insulting a request or the person asking the request is NOT allowed and may result in you getting banned from the forums.
  • Do not send personal messages to me with requests for changes in Platform Builder. I want to be able to look through these things in the most unbiased way possible, and it helps to have them all in the same place displayed side by side. Personal requests might actually make your suggestion less likely to become selected. But if the suggestion is something other than changes in Platform Builder, you may message me personally.
One final note: When I set out to make Platform Builder back in 2013, my goal was to make something which could be used to create games from start to finish. This has been possible since version 1. Since then, Platform Builder never "needed" anything more, but everything I have done has been to improve upon its features and make it a more enjoyable experience for all of you. A lot has happened since then! If you are relatively new to this community, I encourage you to take a tour through some of the old update logs of Platform Builder to discover how much has changed since it was first released.  :)

Thank you.

March 01, 2018, 09:23:39 PM
Version 8.2 Platform Builder Version 8.2

Patch 3:

  • Improved some lag issues when there shouldn't be lag.
  • Fixed: With player 2 command not working.
  • Fixed: Setting a variable to a negative value not working.
  • Fixed: Buttons in view settings of area and world editor do not always respond properly
  • Fixed: Error when using a custom menu with no menu items in it.
  • Fixed: Area save file gets corrupted if you click on two red "edit" highlights at the same time.

Patch 2:
  • Fixed: Error when harming stock enemies with more than one hitpoints.
  • Fixed: Block trigger command doesn't work if there is no item spawning for the block.
Patch 1:

  • Improved some functionality with commands returning values
  • You can now exit the tile viewer by clicking outside of it
  • Fixed: Enemy alpha resets to 100 after getting hurt, even if the alpha was previously lower than that
  • Fixed: Error on page 6 of the manual
  • Fixed: There are a few issues with the in-game tutorial
  • Fixed: Moving ranged attack may not reset character sprite after the attack has ended.
  • Fixed: Character may be stuck in harmed stance if attacking right after getting hurt.
  • Pro only: Added physics controls for custom enemies
  • Added more options for attack moment
  • Updated commands to for attack moment, and made it possible to set the moment to any number with commands
  • Added controls for knockback physics of character
  • Added jump tolerance and jump anticipation physics controls for character
  • Added commands for the new character physics
  • Added enemy command prompt for harming another enemy
  • Added enemy movement style to avoid the character
  • Added a new kind of variable to commands: The local variable. local vars are specific to whatever is calling the command. I updated this page on the forums to give an example of using local variables.
  • Negative values can now be used in the command prompt
  • Decimal values can now be used in the command prompt (where applicable)
  • "timeline location" is replacing "timeline position" and the value is measured in seconds instead of 10th seconds. Although "timeline position" still works, "timeline location" is better because you can now use decimal points. So instead of saying "timeline position = 65" for 65 tenths of a second, you say "timeline location = 6.5" for 6.5 seconds. It's much easier to understand.
  • Bracketing things in the command prompt is no longer necessary when they are on the right side of an operator
  • Varibles only need to be defined once. In other words, placing "var," "game var," etc. before a variable name is only necessary the first time you use it. After that, you can just use the variable names by themselves.
  • Fixed: Enemy ledges jump movement is not working
  • Fixed: There is a problem getting the correct bounding box when changing enemy sprites
  • Fixed: There are some sizing problems with invisible expand blocks
  • Fixed: Long invisible expand blocks may disappear when parts of them are too far off screen
  • Fixed: Error when trying to move invisible solid block
  • Fixed: Managers from command prompt in timeline editor and menu editor do not scroll down properly
  • Custom enemies which are set to move across ground will begin going in the direction of the nearest player

August 17, 2020, 02:18:20 AM
Platform Builder Sprite Reveal! Hi everyone!

I just posted an update on the "Coming Soon" page with a video announcement revealing a few of the new sprites and graphics for the upcoming Platform Builder 9!

I'm announcing this here so that everyone is noticed. If you don't already have an account with the forums, you will need to create a free one so that you can visit the Coming Soon Page on the forums and see what's coming up! And of course, we love seeing new members introduce themselves and contribute to the conversations we have here.

Any comments can go in the page with the actual video reveal.


September 18, 2020, 05:30:04 PM
New Forum Controls Hi everyone,

If you haven't already noticed, a few new forum features have been added by the request of some of our members. Click on the [Show] next to "Spoiler" below to learn more!

First, as you can see, there is a spoilers feature. This is available in the text editor


Second, you'll see a button to like posts.

Third, we added mentions. Press @ followed by a username to mention a person. To be honest I don't know if it fully works because no one has mentioned my name yet, but I'm assuming that a notification will show up with a link to the comment that mentioned my name. Hopefully that's the case.  :-\

These were good ideas and I'm thankful for the help finding some of these extensions. Hopefully they will work out well for us!


September 28, 2020, 12:38:41 AM
Re: New Forum Controls
@TingThing Seems to be working okay! I mean, it came up with your name as I typed @TingThing
The like button isn't appearing in the theme I'm using which I just found out the name of the theme is "Yansima." Think you could fix this?

There was an error when testing installation of the extension on your particular theme. But I tried installing anyway and it looks like it went through. Hopefully it works properly.

September 28, 2020, 03:04:14 AM
Re: CP Compiling and parsing for exe exports Thanks. I do see all suggestions, so no worries there. Although often times its a span of a couple week's time before it's time for me to sort through them. It all depends what phase I am in while developing PB.
September 29, 2020, 06:04:49 PM
Re: Let's make this the most liked post on the forums or has i like to call it now: Hi everyone,

I have been asked to review the content of this post and some of the things spoken by CGM.

First off, I will be using the term "religion" to refer to Christianity in this post. Although I recognize the Christian appeal to avoid "religion" (especially its negative connotations) I use the term generally to refer to any positive belief in God, gods, spirituality, or other-worldly things.

I want to recognize that my evaluation comes with a personal bias, as I am also a Christian with a desire to encourage others to consider its claims. From the beginning of these forums, there has never been a rule prohibiting religious-based conversations (This goes for all religions and not just Christianity) nor is there a rule that you cannot post something which others would find "annoying" unless it escalates into spam or harassment. However, since the conversation has changed so drastically from the original post, and since it appears to be generally undesirable to the PB community, I will lock this topic.

CGM has the freedom to create religious-related posts on these forums, and everyone else has the freedom to read/engage with them or not. However, religious-related posts are not always appropriate especially if written on someone else's unrelated topic. If something like this starts to happen in the future, it would be better to say "Let's talk about this outside of this post" and start a private conversation.

I would also discourage anyone in this community from provoking CGM (or anyone for that matter) to jump into sensitive conversations like these on somebody else's topic. This topic serves as an example that subtle remarks against a person's beliefs or practices—as harmless as they may seem—can easily escalate into something undesirable.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please send them directly to me. Thank you.


October 03, 2020, 08:46:53 PM
Re: Pixel perfect graphics Hi Dezue,

So here's the deal:

Platform Builder allows different sized game windows and different sized views. Because of this, a setting is enabled to blend pixels together. If this setting was turned off, then any math that doesn't even out would cause some pixels to double up while other pixels remain single. You'd end up getting really weird effects.

One thing that I would like to look into is the possibility of disabling the pixel blend feature when the math does even out. I'm hoping that I can find a solution for this in the next version. No guarantees on this, but I suggest you hold out for a little longer.


October 06, 2020, 07:06:53 PM
Re: [Forum Suggestion] Change contact gaps into something not from 'prehistoric era'
There's slots for these on your profile editor. TingThing should replace them with other stuff like Twitter name of Discord name, etc.

Agreed. I added Twitter and Discord and got rid of those outdated ones.

October 11, 2020, 07:31:22 PM
Updated EULA for Platform Builder Hi everyone,

I updated the EULA for Platform Builder on the Steam Page. You can view it here:

This is the user agreement that you would have accepted when you installed Platform Builder. The updated EULA will eventually be reflected on the last page of the Platform Builder manual.

This biggest difference is that Platform Builder Pro users are now allowed to distribute their games for commercial purposes if they choose to do so (i.e., they can sell copies of their game for money). However, there are a list of requirements that must be met. You can read it about it in section 4.


October 12, 2020, 02:59:21 AM