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Re: Error Message and Crash when Changing Area
Thanks for this, and for that extra information about the error. It would have been difficult for me without that.

Looks like when you have a custom pick up item which uses a custom sprite, and that item is in your inventory, the error happens when you change rooms.

I'm glad you found a workaround. Still, I'll make sure that error is resolved with the next update.

Thank you, that will be great! I am very new to the program but I have to say I love it so far.

July 25, 2021, 07:12:39 AM
A low level NinthNei has appeared! Hello to all,

I am NinthNei and I have been tinkering with various game makers for around 10 years now. I discovered Platform Builder via a tip off from a good Steam buddy of mine who after seeing me sink 5 hours straight into it after the first day kindly gifted me the Pro version and here I am!

Some of you may have already chatted with me in the PB discord, but for those who don't know me yet, my strengths are making sprites and complex level designs, something I am looking to incorporate into my PB projects.

At the moment, I am somewhat of a pest, asking newbie questions here and there, but as I learn the program and become more adept, I will be willing to help out others with their projects too.

Thank you for reading and happy game making everyone!

July 26, 2021, 09:08:48 PM
Re: A low level NinthNei has appeared! Thank you for the welcome, @Aeterna Games | Æ !

Yes the Platform Builder community has been very welcoming and helpful in my early stages using the editor. I will try to be active and contribute as much as time allows, since this program does deserve an active following IMO.

July 30, 2021, 07:16:25 PM
Re: Demon Hearts Very much like the story concept about the hearts and the personalities of each of the demons.

It is almost like you are fighting the physical manifestations of human sins...

From the screenshots, it looks like it will be a fun and polished game.

I know art cannot be rushed and all that, but any idea when something playable will be out?

I'd like to try it once it's ready for sure  >:D

July 30, 2021, 07:21:33 PM
Re: Demon Hearts

  • Main post have been updated a lot. (Added Infos & Updated every other infos and descriptions
  • Making very good progress with the game. (Lot's of new Maps are finished the last 2 days)
  • Progress Bar for the Beta-Version will coming soon to the main post.

That's all so far. :)
So, stay tuned! >:D

You are quite adept at building up hype for your upcoming game  O0

Hope your maps are going well, I know for myself making custom tiles etc does take a while but it is worth it.

August 02, 2021, 04:06:09 PM