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Re: HANZO KID ADVENTURE I cleared all levels so far and I quite like what you've done.  :D

I'd like to leave a small disclaimer. this community doesn't see new games every day, it's pretty slow most of the time. I might be a little too excited and biased, so take my words with the tiniest pinch of salt.  O0

I'm not familiar with history of Japan, what a unique idea! many games in the community feel fairly samey and generic with their stories. not reinventing the wheel, but definitely something fresh. a big plus.

I was caught off-guard with the gore and semi-strong language. it's not a common sight. I don't mind it at all, it's just something to point out.

I found the level design to be good, with one small caveat. platforming used character abilities well (although I'm not a big fan of Super Jump). however, sometimes I just don't know where to land. for example:

my problem with this section was, I didn't know where spikes were placed. you fall quickly, which made it harder to react. I hit the last spike and barely didn't land on the ground - this happened to me twice. you can call me a noob (which is true O:-) ), but I feel like this could happen to many more players. my solution would be to use more ground blocks and change it up to be a precision jump, rather than a blind drop.

did you create the art or was it someone else? they are lovely. Hanzo has very nice character animation. we haven't really seen such sprite-work before. default Platform Builder graphics are mixed pretty well. wood tiles in the tutorial blend in nicely, and mushrooms in the background in the second level were a nice touch. music is nice, too.

on a technical spectrum, your game is very impressive - especially for a first work. the cinematic intro, decent custom enemies, both boss fights (Daitengu was my favourite), the use of spawn blocks, and of course the weapon system. all of the weapons were fun to use. ended up using Kama just because it seemed best for the job. I'd like to see more focus put on other weapons in the future (like throwing Tetsubishi as a trap in narrow corridors or blowing up crates with Metsubushi).

however, as you excepted, I found few issues/some things I would have done differently. few examples:
  • Secret Exits are unnecessary, you can use normal Exits and red transparent paths - they work the same
  • I don't like the use of Teleports in level 2, they only work one way. needless backtracking, I would use doors
  • music is too loud, it dominates most sound effects.
  • Kama is supposed to work like a boomerang, but it disappears way to early. you could change the 'Life Out' setting (unless that was your intention)
  • second boss fight (Daitengu) clipped through lower blocks in its flying phase. I know things like this happen, but with no time limit and pause menu disabled, I was stuck. had to restart Platform Builder
don't worry about it too much! I still had a blast. I hope my notes gave you some direction to make the game even better.  ;D

July 03, 2021, 10:42:53 PM