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Simple Footstep Sounds Tutorial I made this, just insert them on the corresponding CPs in your game:
Code: [Select]
//Create CP - Player Character
local var footstepBuffer = 0
Code: [Select]
//Looping CP - Player Character
if walking = true | running = true
     footstepBuffer + 1
     footstepBuffer = 0
if footstepBuffer < 20 & walking = true
if footstepBuffer < 10 & running = true
if walking = false & running = false
footstepBuffer = 0
upload sfx = 2 //Replace this with your sound id
Hope this helps :D

Note: Remember that exit command kills the cp process so you may put the code for the looping cp at the end of the cp or some code may not execute.

December 24, 2020, 11:26:49 AM
Re: Error Message and Crash when Changing Area Thanks for this, and for that extra information about the error. It would have been difficult for me without that.

Looks like when you have a custom pick up item which uses a custom sprite, and that item is in your inventory, the error happens when you change rooms.

I'm glad you found a workaround. Still, I'll make sure that error is resolved with the next update.

July 25, 2021, 12:07:24 AM
Re: Demon Hearts Hello there!
Finally I'm here again and now it's time to post some new infos about this project to let it alive. So, it's not dead at all! ;)

First, I want to tell u a little more about the Story of the Game.

Story Part 2:
To protect his Hearts even more, Astaroth and Naberius started another dark ritual and created seven guardians to protect his Hearts. After every guardian was born, he gave every one of his 7 Hearts to give them life. But then, they realized that they wasn't easy to handle. No one wanted to obey him and do what they wanted.

The first one was full of rage and killed or hurted some of his own demons.
The second one was just eating all the time and never stopped.
The third one stole everything he could found no matter how worthless it is.
The fourth one argues with everyone all the time and cries, cuz she feels they are something better then herself.
The fifth one only wants to get more and more demons to do things with them for his own pleasure.
The sixth one just wanted to sleep and is too lazy for everything.
And the last one just stayed alone and didn't even mind and pay attention about everyone, he just ignore them, even Astaroth.

Every of his "children" was completely different so he gave them a special name. After some time, he was able to control and command most of them, but there was still one he wasn't able to control. He seems so much stronger than everyone, even himself, so Astaroth was afraid of being outbid from one of his own children and lower demons. To end this risk, he command Naberius to take his heart back and banned and lock his void body far away. After this was done, the rest of them was able to rule about some some special place of the world and hide his hearts far away of him. Now Astaroth ruled about everything and everyone and so he started to betray Naberius to defeat the last one who were able to defeat him.

Now, some more info about the Gameplay.

Gameplay Part 2:
You already know, that u need to find and destroy Astaroth's Hearts, so u need to defeat every remaining guardians. Now, there's is the special parts about the game. After u met Naberius the first time in his lair under the town, u are already able to play every level u want, but that's not all. After u beat 0, 2, 4 or 6 Hearts, u will be able to play the final level and fight Astaroth. The more Hearts u destroy, the more rooms the final level get. So as more u destroyed, the bigger, longer and harder the final level are. If u have 0, u fight Astaroth instantly without any rooms. For example, if u beat the forest and graveyard Heart, u will meet similar rooms fitting to the levels in the final level.

So, at last one new photo from the look of Naberius.

Dark Wizard Naberius:

That's it so far. I hope u still like it. I still need some Tileset for the town so I will be able to end the first playable beta.
So, stay tuned! ;)

July 30, 2021, 03:41:26 PM
Re: A low level NinthNei has appeared! No reply and welcomes? It's time to change that!
Welcome @NinthNei, nice to meet another new user who looks active so far. Hopefully u will keep staying with us and give that dead forum more life. 8)

July 30, 2021, 05:34:06 PM
Re: Demon Hearts ---NEWS---

  • Main post have been updated a lot. (Added Infos & Updated every other infos and descriptions
  • Making very good progress with the game. (Lot's of new Maps are finished the last 2 days)
  • Progress Bar for the Beta-Version will coming soon to the main post.

That's all so far. :)
So, stay tuned! >:D

August 02, 2021, 02:22:40 PM