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Invasion: Going Personal About the game

This is a game that represents a way how my platform game would look like. Below you can watch more screenshots about the project.

The latest updates

The screenshots about the game should be self-explanatory enough. Below you can read about some of the updates made for this project.
  • Splash screen has been added.
  • Title screen has been changed. Christian Game Maker's logo for this game and Antikore's difficulty ratings have been taken in use. Referring to The Gruppy Leader have been moved now to a scene.
  • Advanced menus have been added.
  • Land of Dreams have been improved, updated and separated to be a separate game type at the beginning of your progress. In a normal(story) game type Land of Dreams can be accessed last to unlock all beaten levels.
  • More important advanced scene cuts have been included.
  • Shops allows you to improve your health and simplify your progress.
  • Achievement rewards can be now gained for your progress.
  • Electricity generated by the electric fields cannot be defended. You now just must pass those by timing.
  • Small spiked ball obstacles in Technology Center have been replaced with a big spiked ball. Those big obstacles are more difficult to dodge and also disallow you to survive just by setting a defensive stance in an elevator.
  • Scene cuts have been improved, updated so those can be now skipped.
So if looking at the screenshots then the news confirm you can become really healthy for your progress now by improving yourself in the shops and achievements hopefully will motivate you to act more determinedly.


Here you are!
  • Aircraft and vehicles controlled by the enemies or the player
  • Complicated mechanics
  • Graphical effects and screen animations
  • Advanced scene cuts, menus, and bosses
  • Shops
  • Items for inventory and unlockable achievements
But those are only some mentioned elements that this game has to offer and plans to include. Are you ready? Below you can watch my the first real trailer format about the game which may be a good showcase for them who don't bother to watch long gameplay videos. :)

Try from Explore menu in Platform Builder application! :) Also, watch some additional news about the given project from the further posts by the author!

February 22, 2018, 04:08:28 PM