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Suggestions / Feature to control with a mouse...
« on: November 25, 2019, 01:58:49 PM »
Having a feature to fire toward the cursor is a very nice one but it would be nice to have an ability to also set attack or any other happen with mouse left, right and middle and perhaps middle roll up and down also. This would also simplify controlling the character because you would be able to move with one hand using a keyboard and using a mouse with the other hand for all attack stuff like in Doom. For now, it is still a bit complicated to set your controls to be comfortable in intense gameplay so you would not fail to do one or another thing because of failing to find a certain key quickly. ::)

I am talking about a feature to set mouse controls in the Settings menu. For now, if you click it shows a message about how to change keys.

Introductions / Re: Hello everyone
« on: November 25, 2019, 01:11:16 PM »
The reason why I have asked TingThing to upload my game updates is that even if I am successful getting my update uploaded it probably just messes up my game at Explore. Because it probably just fail to upload the game completely which makes it like corrupted.
It seems that the newest games will be always uploaded like this now. Although I may be wrong but I tried to play some newer for me unknown games and those acted like my game when I fail to upload completely. "Play" button doing nothing... :-\

Announcements / Re: Platform Builder 7.1
« on: November 22, 2019, 08:18:11 PM »
Cool to see how fast and suddenly things will happen if you are away even a little bit. O:-) If you need a break and work on something else which also causes you to forget waiting for new updates then those will happen really suddenly and makes happy.
This update may not be big but PB probably has a couple of new games also at Explore and it is always interesting to touch new things. So I think I need some more time with PB before continuing to complete Alpha mod for Doom(, although I am not sure if "Doom" is friendly enough but it is a name for the game:-\).

Works in Progress / Re: Mindez Project
« on: November 22, 2019, 07:47:24 PM »
Nice to meet all of you.
So we will be creating this game together. That's about it, really.
I will try to find as much bugs and glitches in Platform Builder as i can, that's what I'm into.
However, I hardly have any free time, because I'm busy with other things like school (not THAT much) and some other games.
So, see you!
Hello, Zdziefan! :)

Although, I guess you are quite an old member here actually it is nice to see that you are here now actually... ::)

I usually try to keep my habit to welcome all new members here but then I see there are even no so many new members here actually. Some old members have been just lost and other members may have so many posts in that short time already... :P

Introductions / Re: Hello everyone
« on: November 22, 2019, 07:38:08 PM »
Welcome, saiwong3268! :)

4 posts already... It is nice to see you and some activity by you also in that short time when I was away. In 2 weeks nothing will change usually so it is nice to see that activity by the new members here.
I will try to meet with your project from Explore and give my opinions about it in some time soon. ::)

Yesterday, a thought came to me. How could I release a demo for ASM, then just...Take it off? Well, that doesn't sound right. Well, I figured to start a Micro Demo Series. I'll release these every so often as ASM gets more mature. Just to give a taste of ASM. To start off, I will release MicroDemo #1 in the near future which is basically going to be what DEMO #1 was. I'm calling it a micro demo because comparing DEMO#2's size to the microdemo I will release, the micro demo will be very small.

MicroDemo #1 will include Level 1. The following will be included in MircoDemo #1:
Standard BoomerangPic Axe (NEW*)
Balloons (NEW*)Springs (NEW*)
Blasters (NEW*)Hideaway Ground (NEW*)Apples (NEW*)Portals (NEW*)Boxes (NEW*)
Something I've learned is to keep levels basic. So Level #1 will just include a few neat things scattered about. The next MicroDemo will feature a HUB WORLD level. For those of you hardcore gamers, just wait for DEMO #2. This microdemo will be basic, simple, easy to play, and won't include much. I hope to release the first MicroDemo VERY soon. I just need to touch up on it a little, then put it into a new format.

*Items marked NEW are things not included in the first ASM demo. (Which is pretty much everything listed come to think of it...)
Good, I idea! :) This is how I also worked with IGP. I still make a new announcement when making a level again or a new system without any extra levels which can be considered to be a micro update. :)
When I made a critique to you then I always mentioned that it takes fictionally long before you release something little because you often work with everything in one time instead of doing little things frequently. With this post, I see you are actually doing what I suggested you to do. :) And with it, you also should keep more pleasure and inspiration working with your project because you also can share your achievements more frequently. Although your achievements may be little you at least have something to show. ;)

Works in Progress / Re: Invasion: Going Personal
« on: November 09, 2019, 09:54:25 PM »
Christian Game Maker already mentioned your ideas to cost money and he is right. :) Now you are offering me another stuff which purely seems to be a commercial service. I am going to pay for nothing unless someone can guarantee that I also will be successful after that making new money and time efforts!
And if you suggest me to learn about how to make games then you are hinting that the current IGP is not good enough. :P

Thank you for your advice though if you are only not joking! :)

How to play Platform Builder Online
Hi, I'm Antikore! As you probably have noticed, Platform Builder has no online multiplayer but some games will be cool to be able to play online. I will show you in this tutorial how to play online in any PV game without any software.

Wait. How we can do that without additional software?
That's probably the main question anyone would do now, but Steam have just released a new tool (currently in beta) called Remote Play Together. That tool that is directly inside Steam, you can invite your friends to join your game, that includes Platform Builder as I've tested.

How does that work?
When you host a PB game with friends with Remote Play Together, your computer records your screen like if you were on a streaming (voice or microphone sounds will not be recorded xD), then it sends to Steam, and Steam sends it to your friends. They can press the buttons as if they were on your computer, and will make their player move on the game.

What I have to do to make my game work with that tool?
Being truth, absolutely nothing. Steam does all the work, and you can use P1 and your friend P2 or whatever you want.

This will need a good internet connection?
Yup, this will need a good internet connection, not necessarily be very good, but at least with the least ping as possible.

How to use Remote Play Together with Platform Builder
Good question. Let's explain
Step 1: Start Platform Builder
Open Steam, and go to Platform Builder, then click play.

Step 2: Press Shift + Tab on the game and search for your friends
This will open up the Steam interface, then click on Friends and Chat.

Step 3: Invite your friends
Select your friend, and click Remote Play Together.

Step 4: Friend accepts invite
The invitation will be sent by the Steam Chat. Just click play. Then you just have to play the game. You can even remove input options for the friend if we just want to make him use the controller, the mouse or the keyboard.

Hopefully, this helps, and see you later :D
Very interesting information! :) I see you are not a PB fan only but also an advanced and skilled one to understand and know a lot of things about the applications and features in PC.
There is only one question now. The PB games that haven't been designed for 2 players currently can those be watched the same way? ??? Because PB is not for online gaming and this means that PB should be able to play by several people similarly like people would sit in front of one PC. Hard to explain but when playing NES games online then another person and another connection just act as another controller and none of the players can't use 2 controllers at the same time then but both can see the same screen. :) When a game is not for online gaming then Steam can't know about how much people can play it together so I ask if Steam just shares the same game? And does that mean that even if we can't play together we still can spectate? O:-)

Anyways, my the most important point here is still the same to say hello to our new active member. :) I hope he will continue showing some activity.

Off Topic / Re: Matthew Tingblad on YouTube
« on: November 03, 2019, 09:56:49 PM »
So ya new channel is like Trash ?
In France it is a channel that speaks of general culture (psychology, society, cinema, animes, history, sciences and video games)
Altought it is pure geeks, always used chibis in their videos, and it is not a single person, but an entire team:

If ya want to check, many videos have english subtitles, here's for example "6 TERRIFYING MYSTERIES OF THE HUMAN BODY"
I feel weird with your images this time. ??? One of the characters on the image reminds me of one from the Digimon series. :D And the last character reminds me one of the latest creations from Realm667 where your hand has been infected with some type of red slime that can be used usefully or also badly for yourself.

I also can read out some Pokemon from your image. ???

Works in Progress / Re: Invasion: Going Personal
« on: November 03, 2019, 09:51:53 PM »
Yeah, Christian Game Maker! :) I probably didn't understand the switch idea because I am really not into the latest Nintendo stuff. And for sure, I am not good at finding ways about how to collect public. ::) However, I don't blame myself very much if I was too stark with Warrior555 although I hope he will revisit this page someday again. But this meme and joke rally has been invaded the whole forum that much already so I am simply unable to detect often where is the joke and which is serious. :D Especially, when I don't understand what people are talking about but doing with huge pictures and stuff.
I also would prefer images for showing something certain such as projects... ::)

Anyway, your support really made me want to return working with IGP again and I am glad about your words. I, however, turned more into my alternative project again and one way or another I wanted to complete the episode with spiders like in Doom where you will face Barons, Cyberdemons and then spiders for a complete product. One day, I watched one video about PB... I don't remember if it was mine or not but I got some new inspiration to work with PB again before I reached to finish my latest video. But then again, I see so many good videos about Doom and I really dream about being a bit more popular and I still wanted to continue with my alternative project. ::)
However, this fight in my head and soul means that no matter how long I will be away from PB I haven't forgotten PB. So don't worry about IGP! :) I haven't worked with Doom already for several years but started to make modding with it again so PB for sure will come into my head and soul more and more. Also when I will return which may not happen that long time later PB may be updated so I may be able to add even better things I have added so far for IGP. ;) Be patient!

Off Topic / Re: My alternative project...
« on: November 03, 2019, 06:46:28 PM »
Every of my level plays music actually in case of certain settings but for my alpha videos for this project, I have muted this from the settings. ::) You can play my game with Doom2 music currently by default but I plan to change this so I consider that my game has no music chosen yet.

In this video, you can listen a lot of music that fits with my game and from where I also plan to pick some but in case I decide to make files no very big I may choose completely different music. Although, I still will plan something intensive and such especially when meeting a boss. :)

I see. :) Didn't pay attention to the location of this topic. :P

Welcome, Galla!

I see that you have not a very new member here actually but it is joyfully nice to see that some inactive seeming people actually pop up by beginning to post with some images also including some progress with PB. :)

Talking about your problem I really appreciate people who try to make something that hasn't been meant to be possible with PB yet. However, when you use a lot of free space to represent a tiny character then drawing sprites you won't change about how hitbox works for the character. Although in a case of a very smart system PB may change the size of the hitbox when drawing smaller characters. If your character seems to be always one tile below from a correct position then try to move your character upon every frame from the character sheet! But am I right, I am not completely sure.  ???
If you are working with UPE and you are editing elements also that are not accessible in PB such as masks, etc then I am the wrong person to help because I haven't bought it for being able to try by myself. Your idea to find x and y is right because that way practicing and thinking about the logic ways we also learn.

Off Topic / Re: My alternative project...
« on: November 02, 2019, 07:42:07 PM »
I still need to work a bit with this Alpha project because there is no reason to work with something when I will stop soon without including at least something the most important in it... Now, the second episode of the new alternative project for Doom is ready for an Alpha gaming experience. :)
The first episode had some of its notable enemies such as Demon Lord as a gatekeeper to the hell and The Cyber Annihilator as the boss to finish the episode. Now, this episode includes 2 bigger threats such as the Icon of Sin being no final boss and The Spider Demolisher as the boss for episode 2.

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