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Anyways, my the most important point here is still the same to say hello to our new active member. :) I hope he will continue showing some activity.

Off Topic / Re: Matthew Tingblad on YouTube
« on: November 03, 2019, 09:56:49 PM »
So ya new channel is like Trash ?
In France it is a channel that speaks of general culture (psychology, society, cinema, animes, history, sciences and video games)
Altought it is pure geeks, always used chibis in their videos, and it is not a single person, but an entire team:

If ya want to check, many videos have english subtitles, here's for example "6 TERRIFYING MYSTERIES OF THE HUMAN BODY"
I feel weird with your images this time. ??? One of the characters on the image reminds me of one from the Digimon series. :D And the last character reminds me one of the latest creations from Realm667 where your hand has been infected with some type of red slime that can be used usefully or also badly for yourself.

I also can read out some Pokemon from your image. ???

Works in Progress / Re: Invasion: Going Personal
« on: November 03, 2019, 09:51:53 PM »
Yeah, Christian Game Maker! :) I probably didn't understand the switch idea because I am really not into the latest Nintendo stuff. And for sure, I am not good at finding ways about how to collect public. ::) However, I don't blame myself very much if I was too stark with Warrior555 although I hope he will revisit this page someday again. But this meme and joke rally has been invaded the whole forum that much already so I am simply unable to detect often where is the joke and which is serious. :D Especially, when I don't understand what people are talking about but doing with huge pictures and stuff.
I also would prefer images for showing something certain such as projects... ::)

Anyway, your support really made me want to return working with IGP again and I am glad about your words. I, however, turned more into my alternative project again and one way or another I wanted to complete the episode with spiders like in Doom where you will face Barons, Cyberdemons and then spiders for a complete product. One day, I watched one video about PB... I don't remember if it was mine or not but I got some new inspiration to work with PB again before I reached to finish my latest video. But then again, I see so many good videos about Doom and I really dream about being a bit more popular and I still wanted to continue with my alternative project. ::)
However, this fight in my head and soul means that no matter how long I will be away from PB I haven't forgotten PB. So don't worry about IGP! :) I haven't worked with Doom already for several years but started to make modding with it again so PB for sure will come into my head and soul more and more. Also when I will return which may not happen that long time later PB may be updated so I may be able to add even better things I have added so far for IGP. ;) Be patient!

Off Topic / Re: My alternative project...
« on: November 03, 2019, 06:46:28 PM »
Every of my level plays music actually in case of certain settings but for my alpha videos for this project, I have muted this from the settings. ::) You can play my game with Doom2 music currently by default but I plan to change this so I consider that my game has no music chosen yet.

In this video, you can listen a lot of music that fits with my game and from where I also plan to pick some but in case I decide to make files no very big I may choose completely different music. Although, I still will plan something intensive and such especially when meeting a boss. :)

I see. :) Didn't pay attention to the location of this topic. :P

Welcome, Galla!

I see that you have not a very new member here actually but it is joyfully nice to see that some inactive seeming people actually pop up by beginning to post with some images also including some progress with PB. :)

Talking about your problem I really appreciate people who try to make something that hasn't been meant to be possible with PB yet. However, when you use a lot of free space to represent a tiny character then drawing sprites you won't change about how hitbox works for the character. Although in a case of a very smart system PB may change the size of the hitbox when drawing smaller characters. If your character seems to be always one tile below from a correct position then try to move your character upon every frame from the character sheet! But am I right, I am not completely sure.  ???
If you are working with UPE and you are editing elements also that are not accessible in PB such as masks, etc then I am the wrong person to help because I haven't bought it for being able to try by myself. Your idea to find x and y is right because that way practicing and thinking about the logic ways we also learn.

Off Topic / Re: My alternative project...
« on: November 02, 2019, 07:42:07 PM »
I still need to work a bit with this Alpha project because there is no reason to work with something when I will stop soon without including at least something the most important in it... Now, the second episode of the new alternative project for Doom is ready for an Alpha gaming experience. :)
The first episode had some of its notable enemies such as Demon Lord as a gatekeeper to the hell and The Cyber Annihilator as the boss to finish the episode. Now, this episode includes 2 bigger threats such as the Icon of Sin being no final boss and The Spider Demolisher as the boss for episode 2.

I noticed that there is a consistent glitch when you wall slide down that wall. Is that the same glitch you are talking about? If that is the case, then the issue will be fixed in the next update.
I just tested that wall for you to be sure if I caused a glitch your mentioned way and it seems that this is how it exactly happens. And it happens in a spot showed from my the latest picture on this topic.

Works in Progress / Re: Invasion: Going Personal
« on: October 20, 2019, 09:40:13 PM »
I think IGP is a great game, Alley. Though for obvious reasons, I'm not a fan of doom, though. I want to encourage you to make IGP a priority. Also, I wouldn't say IGP isn't popular. It's a very cool game. And most people don't seem to post about projects unless something really big and exciting happens. Just look at ASM. On the surface it doesn't seem very popular, but that's mostly just because game updates aren't extremely exciting unless people actually get to play it. Plus I keep a lot of info under-wraps. For IGP, you've gotten lots of praise. Just look at what people have said on this topic. I've gotten praise for ASM too. But unless you're a huge fan of someone's project, you're likely not going to post every time someone makes an announcement. As for me, I like to post whenever an update is given on pretty much any project. Especially IGP. It's a great game. And I personally was excited to read your announcement, and was hoping you had a new level in the works or completed, or near completion. However, I was slightly disappointed that my assumptions were incorrect. I hope you will get a level done soon.

Keep up the good work!
Thank you again, Christian Game Maker for always being supportive of IGP! :) Your answer really made me consider decreasing priorities for Doom to make at least the final special level for IGP first. Other people, however, seem to not care about the news that much because the community seems to be interested only in memes and jokes now which I even don't understand. ::) Although, Mechasaur's first answer for my the latest announcement is something that I am probably the only one to understand. :D

People, do you really always laugh on your own side sincerely if expressing cry and talking about the salt? ::) Or is this type of posting just some kind of new fashion here learned somewhere from social media? Anyway, I may be even should be happy rather because a new trend can attract more persons closer to my project page at least.  :P

Works in Progress / Re: Invasion: Going Personal
« on: October 18, 2019, 03:28:23 PM »
I believe I was a tough and long one before making breaks with my latest project, Invasion: Going Personal. Now, I know my break like time from PB has been long already but this is how time moves on. I still don't plan to start working on the next level. I haven't lost my inspiration with Doom alpha modding and it is possible that I may want to make all alpha before I will take another level for IGP because I really would like to have my own created enemies in one of my games that have been set from the beginning to the end. I canceled my goals with Doom modding because I wasn't very appreciated only but also bullied. This forum and some other communities where I am a member are much better and calm ones but I am not very popular with Invasion also and I feel that I can do some really big thing in Doom now when I have quit my job for money and when I have more time.

I still keep IGP on my high priority, however, so I plan to create the latest special level for IGP whenever I feel I have made something fairly big for my personal pleasure and honor. :)

Suggestions / Re: Physics
« on: October 18, 2019, 03:16:57 PM »
Platform Builder doesn't need to have all game creating tools or we can take a break from PB to make something more complicated things which have been made for creating things from scratch or nothing. :) And I think PB has a very proper physics. Some people said that they prefer "perfect" physics like for Hello when we used MB a lot but when I played games made with Hello engine it was very difficult for me to control the player and it felt far from being perfect next to a lot of other games. Those physics are somehow so sudden and fast and too sensitive. At the same time, if it is hard to beat the MB game then it was not for sure because of physics.

I think that the perfect physics may be translated improperly also because of what we have used to handle more often. Let's just call physics proper if it has no much bugs nor glitches! And let's be honest, PB physics is very decent although every system has some undetected issues. :)

Report a Bug or Glitch / Re: Glitch with the managers
« on: October 18, 2019, 03:01:23 PM »
There is nothing new on Facebook about PB. This forum and the site replaces Facebook now and it is understandable. :) We can reach everywhere and that is why people should all join together and talk about what they like.

Suggestions / Re: Horizontal gates
« on: October 18, 2019, 02:49:23 PM »
I guess people may have their own hopes with the words like "crap" whether it is to call everything as a sin that is related to curse or anything else bad or whether it is to swear freely again, for example... ::)
Anyway, I can describe it as follows: Those words are not bad in long sentences where the goal is to mention something that strives to happen in a real life but is not that innocent when using for expressing emotions by swearing like "Oh, crap!". :D

depends on context, I guess
I agree with Gizgord. :)

You should try... You mean you should try Invasion or try how easy it is to cause the glitch? :D

Yes, something like that. You often can buy an address you want which excludes a part related to a platform that you have used to make and keep your content and which include your defined word in it with also your chosen end whether it is com, net or another. For example, not exist).

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