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General Discussion / Bot spam bad
« Last post by Antikore on February 27, 2022, 10:27:07 AM »
This forum may need new moderators because bot spam is still a thing, someone that helps TT with this things would be nice.
Suggestions / Re: This would fix PB lag forever... A compiler
« Last post by Antikore on February 27, 2022, 10:21:16 AM »
Yeah, the thing of PB made on GMS2 could be the main issue but I think a compiler would fix a lot of things, an external program that reads a PB slot directory and converts it into a real exe, that would be amazing imo.

Still, that's not reason for simple games to work like uuuuuuh xd

Btw, hello MagnaDev, it's been awhile since a non-bot joins here XD

Announcements / Re: Platform Builder 10 Beta
« Last post by TingThing on February 27, 2022, 04:08:54 AM »
After consideration, I determined that Platform Builder Standard will continue to allow publishing to the explore section. Thanks for your input on that. The other changes for standard (more characters, NPCs, enemies, etc.) will stay.

Beta has been updated to 1.1

Suggestions / Re: This would fix PB lag forever... A compiler
« Last post by MagnaDev on February 26, 2022, 11:25:30 PM »
About a month ago steam recommended PB to me and I eventually found these forums.

The .dll thing is something you can do with GameMaker to add extra features that may or may not be possible to do inside the engine itself. They’re sort of like external plugins, or extras. I’ve never used them with GameMaker before so I’m not entirely sure if one could be used as a compiler for PB.

And yeah I have seen the ultimate platform engine. If you took that and made your game in it then it should run better than PB. Especially since you have greater control to improve performance manually. But yeah, it is a shame that it remains outdated for now. Since GameMaker added a permanent free version with few restrictions that means all you really have to pay for is UPE though.
Suggestions / Re: This would fix PB lag forever... A compiler
« Last post by Gizgord on February 26, 2022, 10:28:04 PM »
hello MagnaDev, I'm happy to see you here! how long have you been lurking for, if you don't mind me asking?  ^-^
your take is interesting. take it from someone who doesn't know much about programming. I know that PB is written in GM Studio, I know what .dll's are (I think). I didn't connect the dots.
there is one option we haven't considered. I keep forgetting about Ultimate Platformer Engine. it's a modified 'raw' PB engine, with all of included assets (that they could, it's a legal thing), you just modify it to your needs. rewritten to be easier to edit and filled with comments. so it's not an engine, inside of an engine, inside of an engine; it's just a GMS2 engine. I think it's like 18 bucks, and obviously GMS2 is required... however, it's been years since UPE has seen much/any attention. it's probably stuck at version 8.0 or even 7.0.
Suggestions / Re: This would fix PB lag forever... A compiler
« Last post by MagnaDev on February 26, 2022, 10:02:41 PM »
I figured I'd hop in a give my thoughts on this. I've been on the forums for a while but only made an account now.

The main issue isn't that the commands are interpreted rather than compiled. But that PB is an engine inside another engine, Game Maker Studio 2 (GMS2). That is totally fine but essentially increases the performance overhead. I work with GMS2, and it does give you an option to produce compiled executables. PB is probably using that option too. But as for the commands you type in PB, they have to be interpreted so that the underlying GMS2 engine can then read them. It may be possible for TingThing to add an external .dll that reads through the commands and converts them, but honestly, I don't know.

It's something quite hard maybe, but it will be very effective, all other engines actually compile games. (GameMaker Studio does when running and making executable, Unity does when making the exe but the normal preview is interpreted, goes well enough though)

Yeah, they both do. But the difference is that the GMS2 and Unity engines are written in C++. Whereas PB is written in Gamemaker Language (GMS2 compiles this down into C++ if you choose the YCC option when exporting). Working inside an engine always adds a performance hit, but working inside two engines adds even more.

So what's my point?
I'm not trying to downplay PB. It achieves its goal of allowing people to make platformers easily and have fun. But I don't think adding a compiler is possible, nor will it increase performance. The FPS gain is hardly measurable when choosing between interpreted vs. compiled with my personal GMS2 projects. To improve performance, you can likely look for ways to optimize your own project. Or wait and see if PB gets a performance update.
Suggestions / Re: Forums are something outdated
« Last post by Gizgord on February 26, 2022, 03:25:02 PM »
I had threads in mind while writing this. might be the best of both worlds. ATM I think they only allow few days before threads are closed.
I absolutely agree that forums are buggy and kind of hostile. some of us greet and talk to new users but other than that, feels like they've no incentive to come back.. I'm conflicted
Suggestions / Re: Forums are something outdated
« Last post by Antikore on February 26, 2022, 03:19:08 PM »
I personally like forums. it has its charm that gets lost in major communicators like Discord. our own place on the Internet, you know what I mean?
however, I do agree that forum sites are just not that practical for normal communication. many people lose interest before they even register; And because you don't check in nearly as often, discussions often feel more like writing emails rather than actual dialogue.
on the flip-side of the coin, forum pages are far superior at creating specific topics. especially when you consider the nature of PB, people make their own games. we can't give users channels for every game they desire, that'd be way too clunky. if everyone were to advertise in one channel, many would pass unnoticed. you shouldn't expect everyone to... make a website or YouTube channel for their game or something, you know? and for those that wish to show off their work, forums work very well.
I think this is a good compromise (for now). official forums and community run DC server.
The game thing can be done using threads right now in Discord, yeah for some stuff forums are good but I think with the recent bot spams, the bugs with the like system, and in general, all feels wacky and old, and yeah, people don't check that commonly. so...
General Discussion / Re: About PB features
« Last post by Gizgord on February 26, 2022, 03:18:03 PM »
the topic of plugins returns.
much like a compiler, if TT chose to implement this feature, it'd certainly take up time and we have no idea whether it'd turn out good or not.
a plugin system sounds fantastic, nearly unlimited resources. but I see three big hurdles. first one I explained above. second, we need someone to actually make plugins. I can't speak for all of us, but know I wouldn't make one. I know nothing about programming. doing this right now kind of assumes we're expecting more power-users to arrive in the future. Right now there's no guarantee. third, are there any legal implications we're not thinking about?
I wonder what's others takes on this :)
bots keep sending waves of spam.. TT, are you working on that? I know you're busy with other things, but c'mon  ::) O:-)
That's why I said that we must move to new systems.
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