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Pause menu, and run button!
« on: May 13, 2018, 04:34:11 PM »
What do you think? Pause menu and run button? Tell me what you think through commenting! A proper pause menu would be really cool. Like having the option to customize the text (this should be in the title screen too) And a way to choose pre-set buttons to change things. Like if you want to change the controls, you can just pause anytime and change them. Or the screen size and of course the volume. Other things that would be helpful in this would be another thing I posted on the old forums. In a pause menu a store option would be very cool. It would work on world maps too. Like if you collected/bought an item and you wanted to store it instead of using it right away, you could use the store section in the pause menu to use stored items. Just like most new mario 2d games and mario 3 on the nes. If this does get accepted most of these things would be optional like only using the store section in world maps instead of levels.

My second suggestion isn't as big but would give PB a more Mario-like feel. A run button. Like if you're playing any Mario 2D game you always have a button to accelerate and run! Instead of it being automatically done. It of course would be optional. Because I like it the way it is already. Anyway, these ideas might not come for awhile but hey, their worth getting opinions on!