Author Topic: Stickman: And the Search for the Unknown Treasure THE MOVIE  (Read 418 times)

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Re: Stickman: And the Search for the Unknown Treasure THE MOVIE
« Reply #15 on: May 11, 2020, 04:30:49 PM »
Yeah, and I've given it some thought, and visually, IDK if I want to go the route of a cartoonish look, or if I want it to take on a more realistic vibe. I liked the idea of a cartoonish looking world because it's simple, and it fits well with the rather awkward story. Plus, it's intended to be a family friendly film obviously, and I like the idea of cartoony visuals better. I'm not sure where the direction of the art will go. Since it's about a cartoonish looking stickman, it only makes sense to have it match the characters looks. I'm not that good (yet) with making stunning visuals in blender, but I do plan on doing a few experiments to see if I can pull it off. I mean, I can do realistic lighting, but as for modeling realistic objects, that's not my cup of tea. I can easily download textures off the internet and apply them to an object with a fitting material easily. But actually modeling complex realistic objects isn't my strong suit. A lot of games have the art style I'm looking for. If I go the cartoonish route, it'll look something like Human Fall Flat. But, with better lighting thus making it look even better. I like low-poly, and I think I'll go with that.