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I think actually using simple mode is quite stupid. Basically cuz Simple and Advanced mode are quite similar, and its not really harder to use Advanced Mode, so Simple Mode is just... limiting.
@saiwong3268 you see? thats why you should use advanced, it allows to use multiple spawns in a single level. You could use this for multiple rooms in a single level, for example (maybe a maze or something)
Anyway since I can't play Jet Sec Manic now imma play Multitap instead (btw @leoplays72 can you make a thread so it can get featured on explore) Edit: the latest update has put a undefined spawnpoint error at the beginning so we can't play it apparently, I'm trying to contact leoplays72 so he can fix this.
Edit 2: He responded, apparently it's due to the addition of a system to go back to world 1 from world 2, the spawn ids have been probably messed up. Will edit this once it's fixed.
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