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Version 9.0
« on: February 15, 2021, 01:36:33 AM »
Platform Builder Version 9.0

Patch 7:

  • Fixed: Error when copying a custom item or enemy if your previously selected object is something with a custom sprite.
  • Fixed: Using "and" and "or" in commands is not always working as it should.
  • Fixed: Enemy damage recovery command not working.
  • EXE has been updated.
Patch 6:

  • Fixed: Error when adding something to an empty folder.
  • Fixed: Error when copying character into an item box when nothing was selected previously.
  • Fixed: Character respawns may glitch by repositioning the living character to the edge of the view.
  • Fixed: Error code when switching areas with a pick-up item that uses a custom sprite.
  • Fixed: Uploaded music should not restart after switching to an area with the same music.
  • Fixed: Enemy speed command is not working if the enemy speed was previously set to 0.
  • Fixed: Some things do not display right with Player 2 Controls in "Other Settings" of Game Setup
Patch 5:
  • Fixed: The area creation command prompt for custom items and enemies don't execute when they are placed inside blocks, chests, etc.
  • Fixed: Custom enemies were having some issues when landing on the ground.
Patch 4:
  • Fixed: Items in the item box can be removed when loading a world or area.
  • Fixed: Error when activating hidden paths
  • Fixed: Possible Error when escaping from a course editor.
Patch 3:

  • Area command (The commands you input when you edit custom items/enemies/blocks from the area editor) now runs immediately AFTER the create command.
  • Collisions with jump-through platforms have been worked on to avoid falling through them.
  • Fixed: Some color things in custom menus are not working right in gameplay.
  • Fixed: Enemy physics commands do not respond correctly when using a non-number on the right side of the operator.
  • Fixed: Error placing enemy on top of large cannon.
  • Fixed: Pressing "enter" to make a selection in a custom menu that doesn't pause the game will pause the game instead of making the selection.
  • Fixed: Enemy frame command does not always works properly.
  • Fixed: There is an empty option in "destroy" row of "other settings" box in custom block settings of Game Setup.
  • Fixed: Attack other enemies can harm invincible enemies.
  • Fixed: "Disable Pause Menu" command does not work when the pause menu has been replaced with a custom menu.
  • Fixed: Errors and issues using the key press command when using a gamepad.
  • Fixed: Button for uploading music may not be highlighted if something is there.
  • Fixed: Assistant button is displayed in the sound effect page of Game Setup.
  • Fixed: Error when right clicking on a command prompt which uses the sound effect command without a value.
  • Fixed: player fire command does not work properly when shooting is set to semi-automatic or automatic.
  • Fixed: Flying custom enemy sometimes goes through walls when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed: Error when entering levels from the overworld when player 2 is holding a directional key.
  • Fixed: Flying enemy follow acceleration is inconsistent across different FPS settings.
  • Fixed: Flying enemy won't go down when touching a jump-through platform, even if the enemy is already lower than it.
  • Fixed: Loading default item box throws an error.
  • Fixed: When exporting exe games, the exe file name does not match the name of its game.
  • Note: Please check that your flying enemies with follow settings still behave as you like. (Acceleration settings is higher and more consistent across FPS settings.)
Patch 2:

  • Fixed: Some commands adjusting physics do not work properly.
  • Fixed: Continue Previous setting in music is not working as it should.
  • Fixed: Lens controls in area editor are visible over a full-screen command prompt.
  • Fixed: Menu selection in Custom Menus of Game Setup may display over the controls.
  • Fixed: Custom menu and timelines don't show everything when the scroll bar is needed.
  • Fixed: Enemies can be glitchy if they land directly on the corner of something solid.
  • Fixed: Error when changing the maximum fall speed with commands.
  • Fixed: Bracketing Hover Time command gives the wrong number.
  • Fixed: Screen resize with F11 may not work.
Patch 1:

  • Added commands to make the shake power "very light" or "very strong" for the screen shake effect.
  • Added "lens strength" command to adjust the strength of your lens.
  • Fixed: Some lens commands are unresponsive.
  • Fixed: Flying Enemy Follow physics are not working correctly.
  • Fixed: Animation speed is inconsistent between the game setup preview and game with custom things using custom sprites
  • Fixed: The projectile editor in Game Setup does not give accurate test results in some instances.
  • Fixed: Command prompt block spawn IDs are not responsive when they use Capital letters.
  • Fixed: right-clicking the left arrow for lens strength in the overworld settings throws an error.
  • Fixed: Sometimes a failure to initialize variables in the command prompt will throw an error.
  • Fixed: Invincibility music plays over to the next area if music is set to "Continue Previous"
  • Fixed: Some text is duplicated when naming a resource from the command prompt ID selecting tool.
  • Fixed: Screen shake effect is not consistent across different FPS settings.
  • Fixed: Unable to bracket the cooldown variable
  • Color commands will not affect a fade-in or fade-out color after the fade has already started.
  • Staggered looping speed will not be affected by changing the game's FPS.
  • Pressing Esc. on the keyboard will take you out of Game Setup.
  • When spawning with a command, any extra spaces at the end of the spawn ID will not be counted.

  • Added controls for changing the appearance and location of custom menus
  • Added lighting settings for custom enemies, blocks, items, and projectiles
  • Added ability to write in conditionals for menu selections to make them appear or not
  • Added command to replace the default pause menu with your own custom menu
  • Added ability to make custom menu not pause the game (useful for title screens)
  • Added ability to spawn sprites which pause the game (Useful for sprite-based pause menus)
  • Added command prompt to change what happens when you pause the game in other settings of Game Setup (Useful for pausing with sprite-based menus.)
  • Added pixel-blend settings in "other settings" of Game Setup.
  • Added FPS settings which maintains game motion and physics in "other settings" of Game Setup.
  • Added ability to force your own window size in "other settings" of Game Setup
  • Added a couple more projectile direction settings
  • Added ability to copy and paste invisible block light settings
  • Added a button to help preview invisible block light settings
  • Added special keymapping commands for custom menus
  • Added four more actions buttons which can be used with the keymapping commands and called from character commands
  • Window and view sizes have been adjusted to work best with the new pixel-blend settings. This has created some larger workspaces.
  • Conditionals can be placed inside of brackets. (In technical language, you can now use nested if statements)
  • Added ability to set create commands in the area editor for custom enemies, items, and blocks. These commands only apply to that specific thing.
  • Added commands to move x and y position of things to random spots within the view
  • Added command to exit a game
  • Added commands to simulate knockback effect for character/player
  • Added commands to adjust the position to spawn projectiles fired by characters
  • Added commands to change constant or staggered looping commands for individual things
  • Added key press and key release conditionals (make sure this is in a constant looping command prompt!)
  • Added command for making custom enemies ignore their environment
  • Added failsafe to prevent character from getting stuck in solid objects
  • Added ability to change window caption in Game Setup > Other Settings
  • Added lowest and highest FPS in the Platform Builder main menu settings.
  • Added command to change the view size to your own value
  • Added many new commands for modifying custom enemies on the fly
  • Added command to change enemy health
  • Added command to change enemy animation frame
  • Optimized the command prompt and other parts of Platform Builder
  • Saving and Loading games in courses will include the x and y position of the player.
  • "how show/hide" commands work without using a custom hud sprite
  • Grid tool settings are saved with the areas
  • Custom menus with scroll bars are more compatible with gamepads
  • Yellow and orange highlights for editing things in the world/area editor show up above lighting settings
  • Example file has been updated with a couple improvements
  • Updated forest background
  • "Fade in" and "Fade out" commands can now be set to a number in seconds for how long you wish the fade to take place.
  • Fixed: With player 2 command not working
  • Fixed: Setting a variable to a negative value not working
  • Fixed: Buttons in view settings of area and world editor do not always respond properly
  • Fixed: Enemies do not bounce on custom blocks that act like a spring.
  • Fixed: Explosion animation isn't aligned correctly for custom enemies.
  • Fixed: Error when using a custom menu with no menu items in it.
  • Fixed: Loading the factory default item box causes problems with the item box if the scroll bar is not flush to the top.
  • Fixed: Hopping enemies are glitchy on slopes.
  • Fixed: Tall enemies display too small in the item box.
  • Fixed: URLs are not opening correctly.
  • Fixed: Several subcategories of overworld bonus icons don't work properly.
  • Fixed: Area save file gets corrupted if you click on two red "edit" highlights at the same time.
  • Fixed: Character projectiles don't harm enemies if they are up really close to the character
  • Fixed: Lives do not reset like they should after a Game Over
  • Fixed: Character with wall jump enabled can get stuck in walls
  • Fixed: Error when picking up multiple items at once, and one or more of those items are text items.
  • "fps" can now be bracketed in commands and messages.
  • Fixed: Unable to select a starting direction for NPCs.
  • Note: Due to the way that views have been re-adjusted to support pixel-perfect graphics, you will need to revisit your game screens and adjust the scenes accordingly.
  • Improved "Platform Builder" display on the main menu
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Re: Version 9.0
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2021, 10:22:08 PM »
the jump to 60 FPS is immediately noticable... some other features I really like. this seems to be a pretty good update ;)


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Re: Version 9.0
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2021, 08:19:32 AM »
thumbs up for patch 3. I still have a few problems with item boxes (and will report them soon), but at least they don't crash on me now. everything else I reported seems to be fixed :)


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Re: Version 9.0
« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2021, 03:07:57 AM »
thumbs up for patch 3. I still have a few problems with item boxes (and will report them soon), but at least they don't crash on me now. everything else I reported seems to be fixed :)

Yeah, I noticed some issues too while working on your error report. It might be the same.