Author Topic: List of suggestions that I need for my game (small ones I think)  (Read 637 times)


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I want my game as polished as possible and for so I need some of these suggestions in PB

[!] In my obsession of using enemies for almost anything, there are many stuff I need to use this

I want to make the player fire with click, I think player 1 = fire is bugged but anyways, this command should do the thing EXACTLY as using the key

For certain flying enemies

[!] Formerly I was to use this just for my doors, but I have some new stuff that need this too (Boss Signs for example)
Code: [Select]
- Enemy option to disable jumping on springs/bouncers, I'll use it for doors and boss signs for example, too [!]
- A way to add default game controls (Obvious reason) [!]
- player/enemy/item/projectile vertical speed and horizontal speed, just to generalize, but currently on my game there are jump orbs that allows you to double jump midair without having actually double jump, using player = jump, however, this can't be controlled correctly so one cannot change how much should be propelled, so it just does the actual jump force
- Fullscreen command and conditional (I mean, reason is obvious I think)
- More controls for menus (Closed and Opened CP, disable or allow to be exited without a button, I'll use it for my pause and death menu, so I can make my pause menu lower the volume and the death menu can't be exited without pressing something)

I did this post basically to clarify these things are important for my game, so TT is sure I'm going to use them, anyways, I marked with "[!]" the ones which are for me the most important.
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