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Version 10.1
« on: September 16, 2022, 02:29:56 PM »
Platform Builder 10.1

Patch 5
  • The main menu now features the Discord server instead of the forums page.
  • Fixed: Error when entering custom lighting settings for the overworld.
  • Fixed: Money command allows you to exceed the maximum money.
  • Fixed: Money as an item effect allows you to exceed the maximum money

Patch 4

  • Fixed: Error when working with file packages. This includes exporting to pbx and exe, downloading new explore games, etc.
  • Fixed: Error messages sometimes crash Platform Builder when moving in and out of a big overworld.
  • Fixed: The character doesn't animate in the opening splash screen of Platform Builder.
  • Fixed: The water and lava does not animate in the title screen of Platform Builder.
  • Fixed: Buttons to open webpages no longer work.
  • Fixed: The assistant icon flashes in and out when test-running a game and returning from an area to an overworld.
  • Fixed: Full screen size does not save properly when exiting and entering Platform Builder.
  • Fixed: The player replenishes health when entering an area from an overworld even when that feature is disabled.
Patch 3
  • Fixed: Some sound effects do not fully play
  • Possibly other issues were resolved as well. It seems the last build had some corruption issues.
Patch 2
  • Fixed: Tiles are sometimes shifting themes unexpectedly.
  • Fixed: Tile selection doesn't work right with two of the tiles under "Tower Ground."
  • Fixed: Tile selection doesn't work right for four of the metal tiles
Patch 1
  • The original compile was corrupted and messed up a lot of the graphics.

  • Platform Builder Standard's Features have adjusted with the new pricing model. Everything except for Importing Assets and Exporting EXEs is now available.
  • The required backup for launching PB 10 the first time is removed.
  • Fixed: Player 2 cannot go through gates.
  • Fixed: When player 2 goes through a door, it fixes Player 1 over the door instead of fixing Player 2 over it.
  • Fixed: Error when revealing secret/hidden pathways in the overworld with the exe package.
  • Fixed: Dirt 2 Option for Overworld backgrounds does not display text in the backgrounds menu.
  • Fixed: Grass 2 Option cannot be selected as an overworld background.
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