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Questions before purchase
« on: October 17, 2022, 07:34:20 PM »

N.B . Crosspost from Steam forum where i didnt get any answer

Hi I discovered your great engine /game tool today.. and i 'm really amazaed abotu it and it's features,,, i planned to purchase it and the pro version too to supportyou and your product... btw i have a tons of qestions about it..

let's start

1- is there a save syste m and the possiblity to save not only between levels but even during levels and not only by check points but by menu?

2- is there yet or is there a way t ocode a simple inventroy system for player to collect items like ,health, food , weapons aod so on and use use them form inventory menu?

3- can playerhave different type of weapons eg. melee and ranged and switch between them at runtime?

4-can player grab from ledges?

5- can we customise the player vitals and add more on it like hunger , thirst ect?

6- can player have lot for mdead enemies that spawn something on death?

7- is there a dialog system even simple or a quest system?

8- can we shoot with left mouse button or only with keyboard? and can player have different weapons with different proejticles types at the same timeand switch between them?

9- can we have particles?

10- are lenses exported into build exes?? and if not why and how an we manage this?

11- is there a discord channell? is could be very useful for dev and users to share , test ,opinions feedback and so on.

it's all for now

Ultima mo


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Re: Questions before purchase
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2022, 12:02:57 AM »
hello Leon, I'm sorry you couldn't reach anyone on Steam. to quickly answer your questions:

1) you can choose to save game progress for every completed course, castle or world. there's also a command which allows you to save anytime
2) there is a shopping system in the engine. as for inventory, it's not a built-in feature and it is convoluted to implement, but it's possible. it would require the use of variables.
3) yes
4) no, legdes are not grabbable
5) you can modify player psychics (speed, jump height, wall traction etc.), as well as some values like health, ammo or air (time spent underwater). other values (hunger, thirst) are not bulit in. similarly, you could implement them as variables but it would take some time
6) yes. there is a setting that allows you just that
7) NPC settings allow up to 10 different messages. you could also convey dialogue with different types of in-game text. missions/quests are possible, I'm implementing them in my game.
8 ) yes and yes. mouse inputs can be recorded in Character's Command Prompt settings
9) aside from area-bound particles (rain, snow and thunder), every item special effect can be used.
10) no. lenses as well as some other assets will be removed from your executable exports. the engine will let you know which, with a small circled exclamation mark. lenses don't really have a replacement (sorry).
11) we have a Discord server

My answers were only surface level, let me know if something's not clear. I'm happy to help :))
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Re: Questions before purchase
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2022, 07:07:26 AM »
Hi and many many thanks for your reply and explaiantions

2- about inventory ..someone managed to make something similar? is there any sort of tut or guide about that?

4- about ledge grab system .. it canot be implemented in some way ..with prompr command or such?

5- hadding other variables like hunger and thirst  with some ui shouldnt be too much hard i hope.. it's  a decreasing over time  variable  with a bar that decrease according to the varialbe value..

9- "every item special effect can be used" cna you eplaim be better please?  can we add your own particles and spritesheet or there are some built in with the engine that we can add and expand?

10- about lenses why they cannot be exported.. ??these ara cool great effects... how  can we replace them, it's weird.. game lose its looks this way...

11- didnt know about discord server.... Joined