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Version 4.1
« on: June 11, 2018, 08:25:53 PM »
Version 4.1

Patch 2:
  • The forum button in the Platform Builder main menu directs to a new forum website for Platform Builder.
  • Control key for deleting only selected item works with the shift key to delete multiple items.
  • Fixed: Error message when leaving an area with a pipe.
Patch 1:
  • Added money options for custom items
  • Added money bag sprite to custom item sprite list.
  • You can down press down to let go of a wall slide.
  • Fixed: Slopes stopped working with new physics.
  • Platform Builder now has a website! Visit
  • Added a new feature for Pro: Custom Physics. Lots of new gameplay experiences can be created.
  • Auto-runner games are now available in Platform Builder Standard.
  • Shift key can now be used with the move tool to grab multiple items at once.
  • Publishing packages can be sent to TingThing if they fail to upload automatically.
  • Fixed: Reach far side for course goal is triggered if 2-players are far apart.
  • Fixed: Pipe opening sometimes glitches when next to a dead character.
  • Fixed: Small tile set displayer does not go away when you use the copy tool to select a new item.
  • Fixed: Fatal error when testing game with small tile set displayer is visible.
  • Fixed: Window caption displays wrong information about Pro/Standard.
  • Fixed: Flame cannon flame doens't always go away if you move it off screen.
  • Fixed: Sprite sheet message sometimes triggers when it shouldn't in custom items of Game Setup.
  • Fixed: Moving camera does not properly push character off of hanging bars.
  • Fixed: NPC sometimes falls into the ground when camera goes too high.
  • Fixed: Ther is a graphical glitch when picking up a large decoration item.
  • Fixed: Error message appears when using more than one detonating projectiles on enemies.
  • Updated installer image
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