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Version 5.1
« on: June 11, 2018, 08:40:54 PM »
Version 5.1

Patch 2:
  • Fixed some text issues with bosses.
  • Fixed: hiding the HUD doesn't hide collected items.
  • Fixed: Undo button doesn't work properly after moving the same item more than once in a row.
  • Fixed: Error when revealing invisible items.
Patch 1:
  • Item blocks are easier to strike from the bottom
  • Fixed: Pausing in full screen doesn't display the background image correctly.
  • Fixed: Spring power is mistakenly compounded when you pound on it multiple times.
  • Fixed: Save reminder causes the save button to stop working.
  • Fixed: Explore section arrows don't work after using the filters.
  • Fixed: Error message when changing the score with the command prompt.
  • Fixed: Error message when starting an area with a popup message from the command prompt.
  • Added ability to import and export slots which can be stored for later or transferred to other computers.
  • Added option to allow timelines to be skipped.
  • Added command input to area goals.
  • Added command input for NPCs (Pro only).
  • Added command to activate bosses within the view.
  • Added commands to fade in and out music
  • Added commands to turn on or off a black or white screen.
  • Added commands to fade in and out to black or white.
  • Added command to show and remove the HUD.
  • Added command for the view to follow a spawn point.
  • Added command to return to the last checkpoint.
  • Added commands for shaking the screen.
  • Added command to make custom blocks talk.
  • Added command for the view to follow a custom block.
  • Added command to spawn custom block.
  • Adjustments have been made to how the large overhead text displays.
  • Copy button is now able to find the specific custom item, block, etc. which you select.
  • Moving views do not go beyond the edges of the area.
  • Characters can be placed on ladders or hanging bars, and they will start by grabbing onto them.
  • Example file timeline has been updated with a few new timeline commands at the end.
  • Changing the view travel speed in the command prompt no longer re-centers the view on the character.
  • A slight improvement has been made on the performance of the explore section.
  • Fixed: Status button in the publisher might display incorrect text.
  • Fixed: Error with bouncy items.
  • Fixed: Invisible Command Blocks use word wrapping when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed: Errow with checkpoints.
  • Fixed: A skipped timeline will still run commands on 0:00.
  • Fixed: Cut scenes don't allow character to enter pipe.
  • Fixed: Overworld goal fails to save the link to a new overworld.
  • Fixed: Sandbox character setup says there is an error at the top of the screen.
  • Fixed: Moving a screen before opening a menu might displace some of the menu items.
  • Fixed: Overworld backgrounds are wrongly named.
  • Fixed: Several glitches when using uploaded character sprite sheets.
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