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Version 5.2
« on: June 12, 2018, 04:03:31 PM »

Version 5.2:

Patch 1:
  • Fixed: View can't be moved when picking multiple items at once.
  • Fixed: Hidden character is revealed when the course is completeed.
  • Fixed: Enemy defeat settings gets glitchy when you try to change to an enemy of a spare sprite sheet.
  • Fixed: Some text fields test for the command prompt when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed: Pipe opening has a yellow box and doesn't always work.
  • Fixed: Timeline editor sometimes gets misaligned when adding a new timeline element.
  • Fixed: Projectile doesn't always give items when it is supposed to.

  • Added new physics controls for swimming and flying
  • Added layers for custom backgrounds.
  • Added two new types of projectile movement settings, a better boomering and a return setting.
  • The old boomering setting for projectile is renamed to 'Reverse'
  • Added commands to work with the new swim and fly physics
  • Added command to change where overhead text appears on the screen.
  • Added commands to change or remove items, enemies, blocks, and NPCs.
  • Added commands to kill enemies or destroy blocks (like removing them, but with the death anaimation happens).
  • Added commands to harm enemies.
  • Added command prompt to pause menu when testing levels.
  • Added command to jump to a different world
  • Command to complete the course now has the optional setting to change the overworld and/or spawnid in the overworld.
  • Added a new backup feature which lets you restore levels from archived backup files.
  • Added extra sprite sheets for blocks.
  • Uploaded music can now be called in commands (Pro only)
  • Uploaded backgrounds can now be called in commands (Pro only. This makes animated backgrounds possible with timelines.)
  • Improved character attack responsiveness.
  • Updated reward items for custom enemies to include new items from previous releases.
  • Smoothened background changes in commands.
  • Maximum life limit for projectiles has been doubled.
  • Bouncy projectile perform better.
  • Some of the default physics have been tweaked.
  • Fixed: NPC movements settings don't work.
  • Fixed: Pressing Esc while testing with a camera lens removes the bottom box briefly.
  • Fixed: Music 'Continue Previous' setting doesn't work when returning from a checkpoint.
  • Fixed: Uploaded sprite sheets sometimes fail to display in Character Setup menu.
  • Fixed: Level manager name sometimes fails to display in area when switching between levels in the level manager.
  • Fixed: Projectiles disappear when they go off screen, preventing them from returning if they are supposed to.
  • Fixed: Bizz animation speed doesn't work properly.
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