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Platform Builder 5.3!
« on: July 04, 2018, 02:18:01 PM »
Platform Builder 5.3 is out!

If you've been following our forum page for upcoming features, you know that this update is significant for its new design. The greatest work done has been in the aspect ratio and the new 3D tile effect. You can view all the updates here.


With the new look, there are new adjustments that you will need to make in your games. Most importantly: Your Game Screens. You will need to fix those to look good with the new aspect ratio. You have some more building space to construct your scenes, and you can adjust the position of the view from the settings. The Platform Builder example file has been updated to show you an example.

If your games are currently published on the explore section, please get this done as soon as possible!

Also, if you want to use the new 3D tile feature, go to Game Setup > Other Settings and check "3D Tiles." If you do this, please look through your levels and make any needed adjustments. 3D tiles are not as versatile as 2D tiles. The most significant difference is that you shouldn't stack jump-through tiles on top of other jump-through tiles. I had a lot of this in the desert level of the example file, so I had to redo some of that.

One more thing: The website and other games pages have been updated with the new screenshots ;)

Moving Forward,