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Platform Builder 6 is OUT!!
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Platform Builder 6.0 is finally out, and released on Steam!! This is an exciting day for Platform Builder! It is a major release on a major gaming platform!

There are tons of new features on 6.0, which you can view here.

As I have mentioned before, Platform Builder Pro is moving out of GameJolt and, so you'll have to go through Steam to get the latest of Pro. If you already own a copy of Pro from either of those two places, then please follow these instructions for getting your free download key to start using Pro on Steam. This offer does not last forever, and I don't want any of you to miss out, so please get this done ASAP if you haven't already.

If you have already done this step and received your Steam key from me, now is the time to get Platform Builder on Steam, and after that, enter your product key to unlock Pro.

Platform Builder 6 has quite a few new commands. The command prompt webpage has been updated with the details, but here's a brief overview:

"titlescreen" or "mainmenu" - Takes you back to the Title Screen
"no slip" "ice traction" or "remove slip" - Makes it so that you don't slip on ice.
"slip" - Makes it so that you do slip on ice (default)
"no hurt" "remove hurt" or "impervious" - Make it so that you don't take damage from enemies.
"repel stones" Used to add special protective stones around the character (Example: repel stones = 3)
"strong repel stones" Repel stones that don't go away after they strike an enemy.
"<jump>Hello!" Cause a text to jump up quickly, useful when gathering an item. You can also use <very slow jump>, <slow jump>, <medium jump>, <fast jump>, and <very fast jump>
"enemy 5 = item 3", "block 2 = npc 1" and all other combinations to change enemies, blocks, items and NPCs to different things.
"stand attack style = short propel" or "medium propel" or "long propel" or "very long propel" or "short homing" or "medium homing"... etc.
"fx = " plus an effect name or number from custom items. creates an effect. The effect color takes the camera fade color, and you can also say something like "color = red". Make sure you do this before you call the effect.
"spawn effect" Plus the effect number (not the name), then a comma, then the spawnID of the invisible spawn block.
"enemy 2 effect =" or "projectile 6 effect =" or "block 1 effect =" or "item 10 effect =" or "npc 8 effect =" plus the effect name or number.

It's been fun, guys! I look forward to seeing what's in store for our future.

Moving forward,

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Re: Platform Builder 6 is OUT!!
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Re: Platform Builder 6 is OUT!!
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I like this update. it has some useful features. :)

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Re: Platform Builder 6 is OUT!!
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It's second best update next to 5.0 in my opinion.

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5.0 was the best. That's when commands came out. Ever since, PB has never been the same!