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Version 6.1
« on: October 06, 2018, 05:48:58 PM »
Version 6.1

Patch 4:

  • Publisher now takes games up to 30mb in size (formerly 20mb).
  • Fixed: game var doesn't save properly.
  • Fixed: music fade commands don't work with uploaded music.
  • Fixed: Not all command blocks can be freely placed.
  • Fixed: Background appears too low in game screens.
  • Fixed: "if player exists = " conditional does not work.
  • Fixed: "if area" conditional doesn't respond on right-click in command prompt.
  • Fixed: Wall sliding character may fall through moving platforms.
  • Fixed: Camera fades, blackouts, etc. cover up pause menu.
  • Fixed: Character doesn't wall jump right on fast wall slides.
Patch 3:

  • Fixed: "if area" conditional isn't understood when right-clicking on command prompt.
  • Fixed: Jumping text doesn't work in commands when bracketed text.
  • Fixed: Error when custom enemies are created over non-custom enemies.
  • Fixed: Error when using certain commands with custom blocks
  • Fixed: Certain kill effects reveal health bar when health is set to none.
  • Fixed: Error when entering an course without a proper Spawn ID.
  • Fixed: Error when running a command to complete the course alongside certain other commands.

Patch 2:
  • Fixed: Double jumping doesn't work when directly over an enemy
  • Fixed: Highlighting text does not always work.
  • Fixed: unhide characters command doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Character gets stuck when moving moved with commands while ground pounding.

Patch 1:

  • Fixed: Error message when visiting some command prompts.
  • Fixed: Signs to not display variables correctly.
  • Fixed: Flying enemy set to face right does not work correctly.
  • Fixed: Character death commands do not work when doing a full run of the game.
  • Fixed: "lives" command is not working
  • Fixed: Designer doesn't let you edit all of the parts.
  • Fixed: Looping commands in area settings are lost when you save the area.

  • The Explore Section has been rebuilt.
  • Added several new kinds of invisible command blocks.
  • Added expandable command blocks.
  • Added scroll bars for managers.
  • Added scroll bar for timelines.
  • Added scroll bar for large text inputs.
  • Added crumble animation death for enemies and characters.
  • Added a bunch of new sprites for moving platforms.
  • Added the ability to export character sprite sheets from custom character designs.
  • Added the ability to randomize sprite sheets
  • Added command to trigger area goals.
  • Added command to temporarily freeze the game.
  • Added ability to apply commands to player 1 or player 2.
  • Added three kinds of special variables that can be used in commands
  • Added a way to use variables as values in commands and in messages.
  • Added a command prompt in the area settings that will continually loop for recurring commands.
  • Added a command prompt in custom items for if an item is removed from the player inventory.
  • Added a command prompt in character settings for when the character dies.
  • Numbers can now be typed into certain settings within Game Setup.
  • Projectile command when striking walls is now for striking surfaces, which includes walls and floors.
  • Character sprite sheets have been moved to designers.
  • Designers can be used to slightly modify uploaded character sprite sheets.
  • Fixed: Coins don't save right when running games without worlds.
  • Fixed: The manual turns on 3D tiles when it should not.
  • Fixed: Ice Milder movement is glitchy
  • Fixed: Using command to complete the course does not work in games with no overworlds.
  • Fixed: Error message when you select "Back" from selecting a game screen in a game screen.
  • Fixed: Some uploaded sound effects do not save correctly.
  • Fixed: Move and Jump attacks do not destroy custom blocks which should be destroyed.
  • Fixed: Some camera effects appear over test mode command prompt.
  • Fixed: Spike Sparr has problems with collisions.
  • Fixed: Hazardous courses are not working properly.
  • Fixed: An error message may occur when restoring a backup.
  • Fixed: Disabled character sometimes dies off screen.
  • Fixed: Error message when publishing a game that is too large.
  • Fixed: Error when spawning custom enemies from auto blocks.
  • To prevent weird trails, milders and magmuses no longer go up and down slopes.
  • You can now press L to go to the level manager, or P for Game Setup.
  • Note: If you are using your own sprite sheet for obstacles, please update to the new sprite sheet.
  • Note: Character sprite sheets have moved to the designers. Even if your current sprite sheets still work, please update your game so that sprite sheets are imported through the designer instead of through character setup.
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