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Version 6.2
« on: November 03, 2018, 09:50:25 PM »
Version 6.2:

Patch 2:
  • Custom variables can now use names and not just numbers.
  • The limit for custom variables has been removed.
  • Modified the ability to do attacks against walls.
  • Life out command will be run for boomerang and return projectiles if they return back to their target.
  • Fixed: Life out command doesn't properly load in projectile settings.
  • Note: Because of the improved variable system, you may need to start new games in the explore section and your personal gameplay data.
Patch 1:
  • Commands can now use both popup messages and custom menus together. The popup message will appear first.
  • Fixed: Spawning enemies stopped working.
  • Fixed: Command blocks continually run custom menus.
  • Added custom menus to Game Setup.
  • Added a new fly type which grants unlimited double jumps.
  • Added a command prompt in "Other Settings" of Game Setup to run commands at the start of every area in the game.
  • Added a command to force a hard stop on characters.
  • Added a command to stop the command prompt from continuing.
  • Added a command to enable or disable the visual effects when flying.
  • Added a command to enable or disable the audiovisual effects for invincible characters.
  • Added a command to enable or disable the visual effects for windy courses.
  • Added a command to enable or disable the blue overlay in underwater courses.
  • Added a command to change the area name.
  • Added commands to enable or disable pausing.
  • Added a command to include a custom menu with the pause menu.
  • Added a command for spawning projectiles.
  • Added commands to specify direction of spawned projectiles.
  • Added a command prompt for life out in custom projectiles.
  • Added friendly fire setting in custom projectiles.
  • Added a button to check for updates in the explore section.
  • Improved Explore section functionality.
  • Text input can now take special characters.
  • [area name] can now be used to get the area names in messages.
  • [world name] can now be used to get the world names is messages.
  • In-game manual now uses a scroll bar instead of click-drag.
  • Fixed: Custom enemies with no animation don't use the first frame as they should.
  • Fixed: There are some directional issues with projectiles.
  • Fixed: Enemy projectiles don't always bounce correctly.
  • Fixed: Enemies spawned from spawn blocks are too far to the left.
  • Fixed: Force-quitting out of an explore game does not save the game correctly.
  • Fixed: "Enable ability" settings in custom items has a display problem.
  • Fixed: Right clicking doesn't work for all of the items in the Game Setup main menu.
  • Fixed: Command prompt responds to right-click on nearby clicks when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed: Custom projectiles do not always run commands when striking surfaces.
  • Fixed: Messages might display text that rolls out of the text box in games.
  • Fixed: Possible error message when moving custom tiles.
  • Fixed: The speical settings box for item effects in custom items does not respond correctly when you right-click on it.
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Re: Version 6.2
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