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Version 6.5
« on: April 20, 2019, 01:04:32 AM »
Platform Builder 6.5 Release Notes:

Patch 3:
  • Fixed: There are some problems placing certain custom things with uploaded sprites
  • Fixed: Orange highlights may not fill the full size of custom things with uploaded sprites
  • Fixed: Disabling sound effects has stopped working
  • Fixed: Potential error when loading an overworld in play mode
  • Fixed: Template for ground tile set fails to download
  • Fixed: Uploaded ground tiles gives error when loading an expand tile
  • Fixed: Some permanent changes in gameplay save incorrectly
  • Fixed: Light-brown door does not start locked when it is supposed to
  • Fixed: Giving items to players may fail when the character is running
  • Fixed: Ground pounding on custom blocks with custom sprites only works on the left side if blocks are larger than standard size.
Patch 2:

  • Explore area now shows a percentage complete when downloading or updating games
  • "and" and "or" no longer need to be written on a new line in the command prompt when working with conditionals
  • Fixed: Dark mode in sandbox settings doesn't always save
  • Fixed: Screen may become glichy after accessing custom menu from the pause menu
  • Fixed: New lines in the publisher game description do not work correctly
  • Fixed: "Strike Surface" Command doesn't work for projectiles which strike the ceiling
  • Fixed: Placing small uploaded sprites on the bottom of the area can be difficult
  • Fixed: Custom enemies occasionally transport far to the side
  • Fixed: Naming a slot may work on wrong slot if the mouse is over a different one
  • Fixed a few more various error codes
  • Increased character range for fonts
Patch 1:
  • Destroy, harm, and kill enemy commands work without an enemy ID if called from an enemy command prompt.
  • Fixed: Top and left bounding boxes for upload sprites can't return back to 0.
  • Fixed: Every gate is yellow when running levels.
  • Fixed: There is an issue when using "and" with conditionals in the command prompt.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the new character settings all start at 0.
  • Fixed: Error when using "projectile number" in the command prompt.
  • Fixed: Error when pausing during a command delay.
  • Fixed: Background removal on custom sprites is backwards when viewing elements with that background elsewhere in Game Setup.
  • Fixed: Potential error when moving uploaded sprites.
  • Pro Only: Added a new section in Game Setup to upload your own sprites (Pro only)
  • Added commands to check and change uploaded sprites (Pro only)
  • Added ability to edit areas in the middle of a full game test run (from pause menu)
  • Added ability to check and change x and y positions of characters, enemies, items, etc.
  • Added a way to give back a random number in commands
  • Added a new rocky desert background
  • Added a small notification on resources not available in the UPE
  • Added a failsafe to help prevent main menu data getting lost or corrupted
  • Added a command to remove/destroy projectiles
  • Added a command to play uploaded sound effects
  • Added many other small fixes or adjustments
  • "player 1" and "player 2" can now be used as spawning points
  • The double slash // can be used to comment sections in the command prompt
  • Uploaded tiles can be placed over each other
  • Ctrl+S can be used to save progress in the world and area editors
  • Improved background height position during gameplay
  • Added a new export option for the Ultimate Platformer Engine from the main menu game select screen
  • Fixed: Colorize settings don't always save properly
  • Fixed: Music Volume command is not working
  • Fixed: Returning projectile may miss a character when ducking
  • Fixed: Hopping custom enemies stop working on slopes
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Re: Version 6.5
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2019, 01:10:15 AM »
Great update!


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Re: Version 6.5
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2019, 10:34:08 PM »
looks pretty good. I'll play around with some custom sprites later today :P