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General Discussion / Creating a Skip Level Item
« on: October 22, 2022, 12:38:35 AM »
Hi guys - so I have this custom item I want to use. Basically it's the ability to bribe one of the big boss's henchmen to let you skip some of the levels:

You collect a lot of cash in my game, and there's these tank, train, and airship levels - three of each - that block your path but aren't part of the numbered levels, and tend to be harder. So I thought it'd be neat to be able to skip them for $500. Everything functions fine like I'd expect, except one issue: if you play the level legitimately, and then re-enter it, I want that item gone - and the NPC too, if I can.

I was looking for a command along the lines of "if course complete" but found nothing, and my experiments with that failed. The I thought I could have a variable made by a command just before the level exit, then added a command in the item's "create" area:

if game var skip = 1
remove item 46

Item 46 being that Skip Level for sale. This command did nothing, not sure if I used the right syntax. I also tried using that command in the individual item placed in the level (which I realized I might need to do anyway, since each skippable level would need its own variable). Anybody know how I can make this item and NPC disappear for replays after the level they're in is completed, whether the player played or paid?

Works in Progress / Duty:Ridiculous - Demo V 1.3
« on: September 15, 2022, 08:27:46 AM »
My game doesn't have its title yet - that's usually chosen halfway through my projects. But in the day since I made my intro post, I've gone wild working on this game, with a bunch of new graphics, custom objects, and levels. So, the game should have its own post now.

Plot & Premise
You play as a spy girl on a mission to infiltrate the island base of a mad scientist, building an army of monsters. She is shipwrecked by cannon fire before the game opens (perhaps I'll make an opening scene?), and has to begin her mission on the opposite side of the island, with no gear - earning upgrades as she clears a path to the castle base atop the island's volcano. The story is simple of course - I really just wanted to make a game with a punk-looking girl with several attacks, jumping around and beating the crap out of skeletons and monsters in fantasy and tech locations - this fits the bill pretty well!

So, this game will be like crossing Mario, Metroid, & Donkey Kong from the SNES era, with James Bond, & Tomb Raider, and other spy, sci-fi, and adventure tropes. I'm planning on 25+ levels and forts on one large open map, with lots of bonuses, secrets, and challenges. Take a look at my map screenshot up ahead for an idea. Probably will be a while before I actually put out a demo, maybe when it's about 1/4 done.

Custom Objects/Mechanics
I figured out how to make breakable bricks that can also contain items like in Mario, invisible coin/item boxes, and a shop with an inn (well, a "Sleep" item that's free in the player's boat or friendly NPC houses, and various costs at inns).

I'll be adding several projectile weapons and ability items to help progress through the game's branching paths.

Custom Graphics/Music
I'll be drawing all custom enemies, blocks, and items eventually. These are most of what I got done over the last two days:

These are my bombs, bats, bees, and skeletons (Powcherries, Stingbats, Vovems, and Skelwards, respectively), techy item boxes & message boxes, and my map icons so far.

I'll also be writing the game's soundtrack. I'll be going with an SNES action feel, have a bunch of ideas for melodies ready, just no finished songs yet. But I'm no stranger to this, I've been writing instrumental music all my life - I'm currently  50+ songs into a soundtrack for an RPG Maker game I'm working on. If you'd like a sampling of my music, most of the RPG OST WIP (UGH!) is posted to my Sound Cloud:

Lastly, here's some screenshots of what I have done so far.

My world map, which will have three main branching paths after the first fortress:

Second level, desert with a short cave:

The first "Challenge Zone" has you riding a platform around an obstacle course:

Getting one of the yellow keys in the first fort. My forts will be a bit similar to the ones from Zelda 2 on NES:

Level 4 is a maze inside a dried-up well full of bees:

OK, that's all I've got so far - plenty more work to do! I'll update this thread with new screenshots, music, etc as I go along. Thanks for having a look!

General Discussion / Question About Course Exits
« on: September 14, 2022, 04:33:55 PM »
Hello guys, quick question. I'm looking for a way to exit a course without completing it, but also without using the pause menu and losing a life. I want to create "toll booth" sort of areas - just a small spot where you need an item or money to pass and complete it - but still have the ability to walk to the far left and leave freely if you lack the item or cash. It'd be unfair to have the player lose a life to exit (I know I can disable that, but they'd still have to use the menu). Everything I've found so far doesn't let you leave a course without completing it or dying.

Either that, or if it's possible to have players exit a course to different locations on the map, but that doesn't appear to be possible - I just get errors when I try to force it with a command. If neither of these are possible, I'll have to come up with something else for these "toll booths" or leave them out entirely...

Introductions / Greetings from WidgetKitty
« on: September 13, 2022, 11:09:14 PM »
Hello everybody! I'm going by Widget Kitty - the name I intend to release games under. Mostly I work on RPGs, and their graphics and soundtracks, but have always dreamed of making a decent platformer - just never found a decent program. Then I found and tried out Platform Builder back in Spring, thought it had a lot of promise. The other day I saw the trailer for v10, went back and updated, and after a few hours of tinkering I was convinced to buy the Pro version and put some serious effort into a new game.

I've got four levels done now, along with a bunch of custom blocks and enemies, slowly editing the sprite sheets to my own designs. I've got four enemy types done so far - the skeletons were the most work! Anyway, I'll post some screenshots below to show what I've got done - I should probably make a thread for this game and its updates?

I have enough ready for a demo, so maybe I should put one up through the publisher? I noticed though, when I extract to an EXE, the game crashes after level 1 with a long error code. That I'll have to figure out, but I emailed it as a bug report already. Anyway, hope you like my screenshots! For context, this game stars a spy girl on a mission to infiltrate a mad doctor's island base, but her boat is shot by cannons, and she's left stranded on a beach with no equipment - so, her sprite will update as you get her spy gear back.

Level 1, with my bomb enemies, "Powcherries":

World map so far:

Shop selling health items and a 1-Up:

Level 3, with one of my bees:

Outside the first fortress, with a Stingbat and some Skelwards:

Thanks for reading and taking a look!

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