Author Topic: Ideas that would heavily improve PB (Yes, another Medley of Suggestions)  (Read 246 times)


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Overall, a plugin system. A way to modify the entire program and do whatever we want without needing of TT to add it
This would range from custom commands, to new custom objects. The system would be (in the concept), a way to create custom GML code or stuff like that to inject it to PB as a way for making plugins. Of course the exe would need to be made for this to work, but this is, in long-term, is the best thing to do actually.

Now, with the more normal suggestions.

- Icon pop-ups, sorta like create sprites on top of certain objects to indicate things like buttons to be pressed, or indications. This will include some commands such as:
icon popup sprite = [sprite id]
icon popup animation = (fade/fade and upwards)
icon popup speed = (animation speed)
spawn icon popup = [spawn id]

- Way to check the constant id of the different keys and stuff, in conjunction with the before mentioned suggestion, we could create icons for the keys to be pressed

- Dictionaries and tags: Dictionaries would have a name, and key/pair values. This would be a quicker way to make games with many stuff like this. In conjunction with the before mentioned ideas, you could have keys for constants of buttons and gamepad buttons, and values for the sprites to be shown.

So instead of:
Code: [Select]
var level = random 10
if level = 1
change area 3, 1
if level = 2
change area 5, 1
// ...
I would do
Code: [Select]
var level = random 20
var levelId = dictionary 1, level
change area [levelId], 1

// And in the dictionary
1 = 3
2 = 5
3 = 6
4 = 8
// ...

Tags on the other hand, I think I've already suggested this, but would help to define types for objects, like weapons, enemies. So then in just a simple command you can check if they contain such a tag, and execute stuff for it.

- Particles and custom fonts, I think it's obvious but this is still a requirement.

- 4-player support, this would be amazing, even with the modifications would have to be added, it's fricking awesome.

- Spawing multiple custom sprites on hud
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