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Version 4.0
« on: June 11, 2018, 08:24:22 PM »

Version 4.0 Updates:
  • Added new feature to create your own shop using custom items.
  • Added a new custom item sound effect for shop purchases.
  • Added a new overhead message for NPCs when they are managing shops.
  • Added new feature that allows you to keep the tileset displayed on the screen as you build your levels.
  • Added the ability to create folders in your managers.
  • Added new tiles for creating buildings.
  • Added area boundary items, (just like in worlds).
  • Added many new controls for custom projectiles in Game Setup.
  • Added large cannons.
  • Many enemies can be placed on large cannons to make the cannon spawn the enemy instead of cannonballs.
  • Added objects that shoot out flames (under "Cannons").
  • Added tile selection for cannons, water, climb parts, and conveyors.
  • Added a secondary projectile option for custom enemies.
  • Added the option to not replenish HP after completing a course (in Game Setup, Other Settings).
  • Smart tool works with large square pipe items.
  • Many tiles and other graphics have been improved.
  • Land and water physics have been improved.
  • Climbing ladders is faster.
  • Cleaned up transitions between overworlds and areas.
  • Ctrl+A will select all of the text in a text box.
  • The character can jump off ladders.
  • Ground pounds are quicker and work on springs.
  • Springs bounce the character higher than before.
  • The world-bubble assistant talks a little faster.
  • Item blocks are a little easier to activate.
  • Fixed: Hotballs don't move when they start on screen.
  • Fixed: Items in item box sometimes duplicate causing glitches in item selection.
  • Fixed: Games will sometimes fail to properly initialize, leaving various object inanimate.
  • Fixed: Shine orb effects do not carry over into the next area of a course.
  • Fixed: Games-only filter in explore section includes sandbox levels.
  • Fixed: Builder sometimes glitchy when using multi-place or multi-delete over the workstation.
  • Fixed: "Reaveal invisible items" setting in test mode applies when not testing.
  • Fixed: Explore games upload files sometimes don't work.
  • Note: Due to some changes in the game mechanics, you may encounter issues if you try to load your gameplay from a previous version when you test-run your game or play through it. After switching to Platform Builder 3, we recommend that you play your games from the beginning to avoid this.