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Version 5.0
« on: June 11, 2018, 08:30:45 PM »

Version 5.0
Patch 2:

  • Fixed: Error when NPC touches slope.
  • Fixed: Game Screen Editor settings gives an error.
  • Fixed: Game Screen area settings are not saving.
  • Fixed: Items don't talk with the command <Item (ID)>.
  • Fixed: NPCs don't spawn with command.
  • Fixed: Up and down arrow keys don't work in publisher settings to select author name.
  • Fixed: Custom block destroy setting to "trigger" doesn't properly animate the spawning item.
  • Fixed: Extra sprite sheets link to overworld icon sprites.
  • Fixed: Custom blocks disappear when they are set to do nothing after being triggered.
  • Fixed: Bouncy Projectiles go through walls when shot right up against them.
  • Fixed: Projectiles pass through slopes when they are not supposed to.
  • Note: Work has been done to prevent bouncy bullets from freezing Platform Builder.
  • Note: The Publisher is back online. Please do not publish games with older versions.
Patch 1:

  • Fixed: Unable to access uploaded tilesets in the course editor.
  • Fixed: Holding shift with the smart tool stopped working.
  • Fixed: Timeline editor has trouble when deleting timeline events.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, folders in the manager do not start closed.
  • Fixed: Error when using a custom block to leave a custom item when it is destroyed.
  • A new feature has been added called the "Command," which allows you to enter commands which modify your game. Learn all about it on page 10 of the manual.
  • Added Timelines to Game Setup, allowing cutscenes and other special actions for your game.
  • Added Custom Blocks to Game Setup.
  • Added multiline text input for longer messages in your game.
  • Added invisible springs.
  • Added invisible checkpoints.
  • Added invisible light source.
  • Added an invisible block to "hide" items and enemies.
  • Added an item to reveal hidden items and enemies.
  • Added several invisible items which can be used with commands.
  • Added 3 new backgrounds to go with the house/building parts.
  • Added 4 new sprites for general blocks.
  • Added a button to download ground tiles as a template for custom tiles.
  • Added default image for publisher settings.
  • Added the ability to upload some of your own custom sprites without replacing existing ones (Pro only).
  • Added a color palette for custom enemies, items, and projectiles.
  • Added "duplicate" button for managers.
  • Manager items now have a max character count of 25.
  • Many different items and enemies can now be placed inside of crates.
  • Custom projectiles now have the option to bounce.
  • Custom physics is now an option to choose for custom items.
  • Character will ground pound through crates only if holding the down button.
  • Custom Item, Projectile, and Enemy sprites are organized into categories so that they are easier to select
  • Backgrounds are named, like music, so that they can be referred to in the command prompt.
  • Wall sliding has returned to how it worked before 4.1.3.
  • Defending controls have changed! Instead of down+attack, it's up+attack. This allows the character to fire a projectile when ducking.
  • Any existant backup files are used if a recent attempt to save failed.
  • Forums button in the main menu has a new look.
  • Fixed: Sometimes custom things in the manager gets mixed up.
  • Fixed: Character doesn't always appear in custom enemy test room.
  • Fixed: Extra Sound Effects don't properly save.
  • Fixed: Coins come out of blocks and chests the wrong color.
  • Fixed: Mouse middle button moves the view in Game Screen editor causing an error.
  • Fixed: Manager Selection in enemy boss music doesn't go away after you close the manager.
  • Fixed: Character gets stuck when doing a ground pound on a moving platform.
  • Fixed: Uploaded sprites sometimes carry over into the sandbox.
  • Fixed: There are some issues with the new y position of transformed enemies.
  • Platform Builder Standard now permits up to 5 custom enemies.
  • Platform Builder Standard now permits importing sandbox levels into games.
  • Note: The sprite sheet for blocks has changed. If you imported block sprites in previous versions, you will need to redo those.
  • Note: Please update to the 5.0 before visiting the Explore section of Platform Builder.