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Special conditionals
« on: November 03, 2018, 12:16:15 AM »
PB command prompt is beginning to seem more and more like GML. I want to add another thing to our list of conditionals. "If collision" conditionals. I think the conditionals would look like the following example:
if collision enemy 1=enemy 2{fx=explode}
This is saying that if enemy 1 collides with enemy 2, it will do the explosion effect. Here's another example:
If collision enemy 1=player 1{timeline=1fx=smoke
I know that one is a little odd. That's because I am suggesting this for an element I want to add to my stickman game. Crushers to be exact. So that when the crushers come down on the player, a timeline will be played to temporarily disable players, and will also temporarily change the design to make it look like the player is crushed, then jumps back to normal size. Oh, and I forgot to mention that specific sides of collisions (like the down side of an enemy sprite) would make it easier to configure the correct collision sides. Like,

If collision enemy 1 (down) =player 1
and then the commands.