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I am new here and have the PRO version, I will be soon creating a "dark" themed platformer, so this program is excellent, having read through the CMD commands it seems it will do everything I want. If anyone needs music for there own projects, feel free to take a look here.

These are for sale and can be used in ANY game engine.  You will need an account there but it's free like here.

I have some free music too, on the link below.

Again you will need to create a free account.



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hello Tarkus. glad you're enjoying the program like we do!  :D

I skimmed through your music packs and they are lovely. I might consider getting some tracks for my game. thanks for sharing and good luck with your platformer  ;)

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Glad to be here. Looks like a great place to be :)


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Welcome! Though this forums are quite dead right now but may revive in the future when a new update comes out.
Sorry because my English is not very good because I'm Spanish ;) :P

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I can vouch for the quality of the music as I have used it in some of my other projects.

I have bought a few tracks for my first PB Pro project and the demo is up for review so hopefully soon you will be able play it and sample the awesome tracks used therein.
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Thank you for the kind comments. Always nice to hear that kind of response..... looking forward to the game your making too :)

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Welcome in the PB Forums and thx for the music. I hope u will enjoy it here and be an active user in this graveyard community. ;D ;)
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