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The Adventures of Super Mike 1 OFFICIAL WEBSITE LINKClick the image below!

GAME INFOThe Adventures of Super Mike is a game that is a 2D platformer, with tons of possible gameplay. The game is currently unavailable on the Platform Builder Explore. Development started in February 2018. ASM will feature 120 levels, (this includes bonus levels, and maybe extra minigames, though not yet decided.) The game uses almost 100% custom sprites. In the sense that I've designed everything except for the characters, a few ground tiles, etc. FEATURES
120 beautifully designed levels (Currently 3 complete, I've spent most of the time developing features in ASM)
10+ power-ups (4 complete)
Tons of enemies, (Unknown amount) HELP NEEDED! I need you're guy's imaginations to come up with brand new enemy ideas.
Tons of mechanics, and different gameplay.
One of the most amazing games you've ever played

Now, the long awaited plot, is now disclosed!!!

Meet Mike. An ordinary guy looking for adventure, and a new life. Little does he know, that he's about to be launched into an adventure bigger than he ever would have imagined.

A group of people want to move out into new, unexplored lands. They find a land of which is inhabited by evil villains. Not knowing that these dastardly villains own the land of which they want to settle in, they begin starting a new life in this land. At first, these evil enemies don't really care that they are invading their land. Until...They found out...What they possess. They possess power beyond measure. Power to defeat the enemies. The BVC's. (Bible Verse Cards.) The Bible Verse Cards have power, over anything! The enemies decide to take action. Else, their miserable existence will cease. On the very day that they dedicate their new town, the villains attack. Taking away the BVC's. And taking them high into the air, and scattering them. Mike, is one of them. A skeptic of sorts. He doesn't believe what the townspeople believe. Though he doesn't care for the BVC's, he decides to take action against the dastardly villains. Running across a special cap, with special powers, he attempts to stop them. Then, seeing that he is a huge problem for them, blast him off to a far, far away forest. While there, he meets new friends, and some old ones, and tries to figure out what is so special about the BVC's. While learning along the way, that they do have power. Little does Mike know, that there will be lots of future adventures of which he isn't sure he will be able to face on his own. Facing dangerous mountains, going across hot deserts, through a remote island,
an electrified city, and even...Outer Space.
Release Date
Demo #1 was released in mid October of 2018. The game was later rendered unplayable. Due to advancement in development, and not knowing that the game was unplayable, Demo#1 was taken off of Platform Builder Explore.

Demo #2's release date is uncertain. Since this is more like a full game than a demo, it will take many months. It's estimated October of 2019. If not sooner, or later. While still unconfirmed, ASM is a game that is hoped to be the best PB game available.

The Adventures of Super Mike (ASM) is developed by CGM_games (CGM is short for Christian Game Maker, that'd be me) and the well known TingThing Productions.

Credits for the game,

Developed by CGM_games and TingThing Productions

Lead programmer: TingThing and CGM (Christian Game Maker)

Concept Art: CGM (Christian Game Maker)

Spriters: CGM (Christian Game Maker)

Platform Builder support: TingThing

Debuggers: TingThing CGM (Christian Game Maker)

Support: Alley, (Team Alju5) Antikore Games, Gizgord, LyndsWins, McPopato, setapdede.

Music Composed by, CGM_games (Christian Game Maker)

A big thanks to everyone who has participated in ASM!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Adventures of Super Mike or ASM Forum page! Below are the updates and fun facts for it. It's a huge game!
February 6th, 2018, 4:18 pm #1Hey everyone! The Adventures of Super Mike is a game I'm working on. It is A Mario-like game with Mario like powerups. The following is the main features...

    120 levels (Including bonus levels/castles)
    Four playable characters: Mike, Matthew, Annie, Mary. (And unlockables. These are the main four, and each have their own unique abilities)
    20 Bosses
    10 worlds
    Approx 10 items

The following are things platform builder does not support in v 4.0

    Capture ability

Now for the details. The plot is not going to be in demo 1. "Why?" you ask? Because the plot won't make much sense with the demo is laid out.  Hopefully the game will be ready for download in late June... The main powerups are the Super candy, The boomerang gun, And the Super Boomerang. With more! A bouncy rocket that can bounce off of walls and smash bricks! There are many many, more. The functions of the Super candy (Which is green by the way) can give you 2 HP's. It can also allow you to bash blocks. The boomerang gun Just shoots out simple boomerangs that don't do much but destroy enemies. But the Super Boomerang does more than that, it can pass through walls, Destroy multiple enemies in one shot, Collects items, activates item blocks, destroys brick blocks, and has more uses than you can think of! This game will not be open source but closed source (Meaning you can't edit this game). And as for Rideable animals and cars, a cool rocket car that can fly and have wheels pop out of nowhere when touching the ground and more! And a cool yellow buggy car which goes really fast. Abilities not 100% decided. And last, but not least, a cute little puppy named, Max. Most abilities have already been programed and created. (Find a comment down below which says more about him! It's only a fairly short scroll down!)
I plan for this game to be one of the first full 2d platform games made with platform builder. Periodically I will release screenshots of the game and it being edited. To Seggaw, Alley, Ting Thing (The developer of Platform Builder), TheEpicz1, willorr27, Antikore, Setapdede, zdrmonster12 and all other friends I have through the PB forums and beyond, this is The Christian Game Maker signing out!!! 6/1/2018 HEAVILY EDITED FROM LAST MODIFICATION.
This post was written on tapatalk, If you want to view the comments click on this

March 18 2018: The latest news
Hi everyone! The game is still in heavy development, except this week I have been waiting for the next update. So the game has many world maps! 10 are planned. We have the Green forest, Dry, Dry Desert, Cold, Cold mountain, the forgotten isle, and more! I wrote that by memory so in the official game I might change it to these names. We have the moon too, and many other things. I have made it into Super Mario Odyssey like kingdom wise. The story is still going to be kept secret. World 1 is 40-50 percent done, and many levels have the ground layout but not all story elements are in yet, or enemies and objects.
That's it for now. Custom stuff will be in too!
You can also follow and contribute on my website too! Please, members, comment on this post on the website! Sorry, but membership is not possible there.


I know I said I would post images weeks ago, but never did it.  :o Why? I got busy and forgot and was too lazy to do it. These pictures were taken with bandicam last night on march 20th of 2018

Update 4/14/2018
A few world maps have been made for a very, very long time. Now to show them off! Well... at least part's of them. Only a few are near finished. The following are the worlds in order

  • Green Forest
  • Dry, Dry Desert
  • Icy, Icy Mountains
  • Giant Land
  • Forgotten Isle
  • High, High Mountains
  • Volcano World
  • Cloud Land
  • On the Moon!
  • Special World
All these are part of the story except for special world. It has 20 bonus unlockable stages. A demo is expected to be ready in exe format sometime soon. It will feature world 1 and a bonus stage.

I know all of you have been waiting for a demo to see what this game is like. You really haven't seen my game making skills that well. I have not been working on this game for a long time. Because I was waiting for PB 5.0. So why read this? Because I now have a logo all set for the demo! It will be the exe's photo.

UPDATE 6/1/2018:
Hey! A huge update. The game is not dead! For awhile I quit working on it because of lack of features in Platform Builder. When 5.0 kicked in, it opened up a whole new world for me! Some stuff was either deleted or re-edited. I had fun until I reached another dead end. I got really busy and quit making it. I spent most PC time on either surfing the internet, or experimenting with things. Platform Builder would be open sometimes, but I wasn't very interested. But I also spent a huge amount of time working on game-design. I recently learned how to make acceptable sprites. They aren't super good in my opinion, but they look okay. There's an enemy that looks like a goomba other than the teeth, it looks very similar. It's called a gloomba. (Let me know if I need to re-name it. Because it may have already been used by Nintendo or some other company). Also introducing turtles to Platform Builder! Their my own work which I designed myself. They were modified from their original size so they don't look as good. Their's many more features in The Adventures of Super Mike!!! ^-^
UPDATE 6/8/2018
I'm not dead on this project if that's what you think! Behind the scenes I'm doing heavy work on it. I don't know why people don't comment. Anyway. The demo exe is planned to be out shortly after 5.2 is out. And even on the explore section! The game will have a hopefully satisfying ending. The main archenemy is a bird. He doesn't have a name yet. The last level in world 1 is a ship level. Your on the ship for about 2 minutes. You go through a silver pipe and end up in the bottom of the ship. You get a modified super boomerang with unusual powers. You need this to complete the level. You go against about 300 birds and after that, the boss is shocked that you defeated his birds! He has backup bird minions that are twice the size! There are only about 100 of them. Each has 10 hp. Sounds difficult? Well It's quite easy with the super duper boomerang! I haven't quite worked out how it all ends. But there's your update!

Guess what? The first update video is out!
Now you can see level 4 world 1 of the adventures of super mike! Here's the first update video!

February 18, 2018, 12:39:12 AM
Invasion: Going Personal About the game

This is a game that represents a way how my platform game would look like. Below you can watch more screenshots about the project.

The latest updates

The screenshots about the game should be self-explanatory enough. Below you can read about some of the updates made for this project.
  • Splash screen has been added.
  • Title screen has been changed. Christian Game Maker's logo for this game and Antikore's difficulty ratings have been taken in use. Referring to The Gruppy Leader have been moved now to a scene.
  • Advanced menus have been added.
  • Land of Dreams have been improved, updated and separated to be a separate game type at the beginning of your progress. In a normal(story) game type Land of Dreams can be accessed last to unlock all beaten levels.
  • More important advanced scene cuts have been included.
  • Shops allows you to improve your health and simplify your progress.
  • Achievement rewards can be now gained for your progress.
  • Electricity generated by the electric fields cannot be defended. You now just must pass those by timing.
  • Small spiked ball obstacles in Technology Center have been replaced with a big spiked ball. Those big obstacles are more difficult to dodge and also disallow you to survive just by setting a defensive stance in an elevator.
  • Scene cuts have been improved, updated so those can be now skipped.
So if looking at the screenshots then the news confirm you can become really healthy for your progress now by improving yourself in the shops and achievements hopefully will motivate you to act more determinedly.


Here you are!
  • Aircraft and vehicles controlled by the enemies or the player
  • Complicated mechanics
  • Graphical effects and screen animations
  • Advanced scene cuts, menus, and bosses
  • Shops
  • Items for inventory and unlockable achievements
But those are only some mentioned elements that this game has to offer and plans to include. Are you ready? Below you can watch my the first real trailer format about the game which may be a good showcase for them who don't bother to watch long gameplay videos. :)

Try from Explore menu in Platform Builder application! :) Also, watch some additional news about the given project from the further posts by the author!

February 22, 2018, 04:08:28 PM
Castle Chamber [Alpha 0.3.4]

"Meet John. He was baking a cake his Sunday, after 9 hours of hard work, and multiple half-hour breaks, he was ready to taste it, but for his surprise, it was stolen by a guy named Dr. Theodore! Dr. T. left a note in the crime scene with the way to reach him and retrieve what it's yours. You need thaaaat cake"

Hi! I'm Antikore, this post is about my new game/side project: "Castle Chamber". As my main game was bugged and has to be fixed, I started this new game. This game gives you the experience that a very hard 8-bit game can give you: very detailed, custom tilesets, puzzles and also some trolling etc.

This game explodes a lot Platform Builder and does a lot of stuff with command prompt. It has 1 world, 1 boss and 7 levels, but it will have 4 worlds with 7 levels and 1 boss each one.

You only have 1 health, the player has infinite lives and will retry from the start of the level it died, but if you quit the game, when you return to it all progress will be lost, be sure of what you're doing. you only can save after worlds, be sure of what you're doing.

Music by Kevin MacLeod (
Tilesets and sprites by Shikaternia, Platform Builder and me
Sounds are royalty free. (a0.2 player death sound by Mattix)

For a list of screenshots:
My devlog:

See a full update log:
To report me bugs and glitches:

Progress bar:
- World 1: Levels 7/7 - Boss 1/1 - Complete
- World 2: Levels 7/7 - Boss 1/1 - Complete
- World 3: Levels 7/7 - Boss 1/1 - Complete
- World 4: Levels 2/7 - Boss 0/1 - Incomplete
- Extra features: Yet incomplete.

September 16, 2018, 03:15:27 PM
Re: Mindez Project Hello!
Nice to meet all of you.
So we will be creating this game together. That's about it, really.
I will try to find as much bugs and glitches in Platform Builder as i can, that's what I'm into.
However, I hardly have any free time, because I'm busy with other things like school (not THAT much) and some other games.
So, see you!

November 10, 2019, 07:08:32 PM
UPE - Recommendations for Newcomers Hi there, long time no talk!

Due to the quarantine, I've finally had more time to work on my game again, and am having a ton of fun. :) I know that most users here are familiar with the Platform Builder program (which I have not used before) and not so much the Ultimate Platformer Engine. I wanted to give some brief advice (as well as say hi, since it's been so long since I last checked in here!).

1. If you are interested in using the UPE, I would recommend downloading Gamemaker Studio 2 asap. You can get it for FREE, although there are some limitations on things like exporting games and number of rooms. None of those should be an issue if you're first starting out - the goal is to get familiar with the program and make at least one extremely simple game you can practice and learn from.
EDIT - looks like it might be only available for a 30 day trial now (might let you keep using it after but I can't guarantee it). I would still recommend it, but make sure you have time to really dive in - it took me weeks before I was comfortable using it.

2. You can use "drag and drop" or "gamemaker language" for your project. Drag and drop is simpler, but I prefer gamemaker language (GML) - it seems more complex at first, but it offers much more control and there are many more tutorials out there. It is similar enough to other programming languages, like C++, that you can use tutorials/advice from people who don't even use this particular program and make it work for you.

3. If (this) then {this}; is your new best friend. These types of statements are essential to programming in any language. You can plan it out with flow charts on a piece of paper. It is not always the most efficient way to code, but it works and it's easy enough to understand, so I use it all the time. Most of us here are making games for fun, so keep it fun and don't worry about being professional right away. If it works it works!

4. A "create" event happens once when the object is created. A "step" event happens over and over again (UPE runs at 30 frames per second). Think about what you need to check for every time the game updates (like a pressed button), and what you can do just once (like setting the name of a character). There are other categories, but these are the most important.
4. Before downloading the UPE, you should mess around with Gamemaker. A lot. It will seem overwhelming at first, especially if you are completely new to programming like me, but I promise you can figure it out if you're persistent! There are pre-made games you can experiment with that are included with the download. However, I would HIGHLY recommend starting one from scratch and using Shaun Spaulding's Platformer tutorials on youtube:

5. When you do decide to get the UPE, it will be absolutely overwhelming all over again! This is because it has pretty much everything you could ever need in a platformer game and more. However, TingThing does a fantastic job explaining what each section of code is doing through the comments. Personally, I had been using GMS2 for about a year before I downloaded the UPE, and I absolutely love the physics of this engine - I have never been able to get something so Mario-esque working on my own!

5. The UPE will take a seriously long time to download - you will think it is frozen, but it isn't, just hang in there and wait even if it takes 40+ minutes. It's worth it.

6. You will inevitably have questions, things you're confused on, etc. TingThing is the master, but I will help if I can - I'm no expert but I've been using the Gamemaker for almost three years now and the UPE for about one year, and I would love to help! Feel free to post here and/or message me any time.

April 02, 2020, 12:09:30 AM
Re: UPE - Recommendations for Newcomers If I ever get the UPE, I'm sure this post will come in handy.

There are probably only 2 users here that use the UPE. You, and at least one other person. I can't put my finger on their name, but I'm pretty sure there's at least one other person who uses PB.

I hope you'll make a great game with the UPE! Though I wish you could have given PB a try first, but I'm certain you won't want to use that because it is limited in some ways. The UPE can do anything, but unfortunately, PB can only do so much. :(

April 02, 2020, 03:16:19 AM
I am your new question-blasting, bug-finding pest! Hi,

I am a lone wolf game developer living in the UK. I currently have several games on Steam, including:

AI Anomaly
Freedom! Do or Die
Someone Cloned The President
Dickie A Cumming
Pension Day.

July 03, 2020, 07:13:26 PM
Casey is here to make the pixels look nice! Hi everybody!  Thought I'd check in and say hi - I'm your new graphics slinger!  I won't be around a ton, as I've got a lot of pixels to get updated, but I wanted to say hi!     :D

A little about me (other than what's in my official bio!) - I'm an avid video game player, a voracious reader, and generally love making things, whether it's crafts, pixel art, or sourdough bread. 

September 14, 2020, 06:32:22 PM
New CGM Song (I promise this isn't junk) Okay, those of you who know of my embarrassing past with music are probably gonna expect another trash song to come from me. This time I've written a song I'm truly proud of. Another one is already in the works. And I'm very late posting this on the forums since I wrote this song at the end of August and it didn't get uploaded to YouTube till September 3rd.
It's called "Reflecting." Yup. I've never named a wordless song of mine before. And I'd say I'm pretty bad at naming songs that don't have words. Not that I've written many songs with words (none of which I've recorded)

September 20, 2020, 11:04:20 PM
Re: New CGM Song (I promise this isn't junk) There is room for improvement. I'm not ready to release my new song yet because it feels incomplete. I mean, it sounds really catchy, but it just isn't "doing it" for me. There's something missing. Some kind of instrument is missing.

While I can instantly create new songs right off the bat if you put a piano in front of me, it feels like I have default chord progressions I do. So I feel stuck song writing most of the time. So this song is something I feel like broke those default chord progressions. It feels truly original. So this is one of those special songs that I don't write everyday.

I'll get that new song out when I find what's missing in it. I mean, it sounds amazing already, but it feels like it's just missing something.

September 21, 2020, 02:33:50 PM