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About Us

Meet the Platform Builder team!

Matthew (TingThing) Tingblad

Founder, Developer

Matthew began developing Platform Builder back in 2013 with a vision to make game design easy, accessible, and fun for anyone. He has over a decade of experience with game development and continues to enjoy learning new things.

Besides programming, Matthew spends his time speaking and writing on the pressing issues of our time from a theological perspective.

platform builder marketing officer

Rob LeMay, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer

Rob works full-time at UnitedHealthcare in digital marketing and has experience guiding digital marketing through social media, SEO, PPC, and content strategy. Rob also runs Rob LeMay Consulting, an all-inclusive digital marketing agency focusing on digital marketing and content writing.

Catch him on LinkedIn here.

When he’s not playing Platform Builder, you can catch him playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons with his two young kids.

platform builder artist

Casey Sharpe, BFA

Lead Graphic and Pixel Artist

Casey Sharpe is an American pixel artist. She has been creating art in various mediums professionally for over a decade, and playing video games since she was a child. You can see some of her previous pixel art in the productivity app Habitica. Her inspirations include fantasy novels, tabletop games, and the great outdoors.