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My name is Matthew. Many people know me on the internet as TingThing. I am the developer of Platform Builder.

My goal has always been for Platform Builder to be quick and easy to learn. Because of that, I have a built-in manual and a feature which allows you to learn about almost anything by right-clicking on it. But for those of you who are visual learners, I have started to make video tutorials which take you through the manual and beyond.

This is a work in progress. Not all of the videos have been made yet, but you are welcome to view them here. I suggest you also follow me on YouTube so that you are more likely to see when I post something new. All of these videos are part of a YouTube Playlist as well.

Lesson 1: Overview

This tutorial gives you a quick tour around Platform Builder to give you an idea for how it all works.

Lesson 2:
The Workstation

This tutorial takes you though the workstation and explains how you add things to your game and modify various settings like your background and music.

Lesson 3: Placing Items

This tutorial talks more about how to place your items quickly and efficiently using the keyboard commands, custom hotkeys, expand items and the smart tool.

Lesson 4: Gameplay Controls

Learn about the controls for how to play your game, how to change them, and the feature to have a sign display whatever control you choose to set.

Lesson 5: Advanced Mode

Learn about the differences between simple mode and advanced mode, using Spawn IDs and linking to move from area to area.

Lesson 6:
Secret Exits

This tutorial explains secret exists in your overworld, what they do, and how to use them.

Lesson 7: Importing Resources

Learn about Importing your own resources into Platform Builder Pro.

Lesson 8: Playing and Sharing

This video is about playing through your games and sharing them for the world to see.

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