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We don't like bugs and errors any more than you do.

Before you report a bug or error, please check that the issue is not already known in the list to the right.

Known Issues for PB 10.5.4 (Updated 11/25/23):

  • Selections in managers cannot be clicked on when you over the cursor to the far-right side of the selection.
  • Some things in the workstation are visible when they don’t need to be, while selecting tiles.
  • Attempting to save your game in a game screen can cause issues with loading.
  • Using commands to save your game in the middle of a course transition may cause problems with loading.
  • Mouse selection for custom menu is off when the menu does not pause the game.
  • Using the “with” or “for” commands are not being applied to subsequent commands inside curly brackets.
  • Custom enemy command prompt information does not copy over when duplicating an enemy in the enemy manager.
  • Instant complete course and instance secret exit commands will literally complete the course even if you’re only testing the area.