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Report a Bug or Error

We don't like bugs and errors any more than you do.

Before you report a bug or error, please check that the issue is not already known in the list to the right.

Known Issues for PB 10.2.1 (Updated 1/28/23):
  • Custom blocks are activating when hit with a ground pound when the top trigger has no weakness set.
  • The command prompt for finding the exit sign doesn’t work.
  • Error adjusting an effect strength with commands.
  • Using a custom Character sprite for the fly/pipes offsets the character.
  • Shooting animation does not reset when using a custom Character sprite for moving fire that is more than 4 frames.
  • Error when adding a custom tile set to the item box.
  • Smart Tool does not work when placing large pipes in some circumstances.
  • Character will become glitchy if hovering, gliding, double-jumping, or ground-pounding immediately after taking damage.
  • Custom blocks with “secret” setting do not work correctly if they use custom sprites.