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Working with Platform Builder / Questions about checkpoint
« Last post by Free_Eagle on June 11, 2023, 11:10:36 AM »
Hello, me again ;D

I changed the checkpoint graphic. With a flag that's down.
If the character passes, it will be hoisted....ok, but the animation is repeated.
So, the flag is raised again and again. Can be change that? So, do the process only once and the fan stays up?

And the lettering "Checkpoint" is not necessary.
Can this be removed? I think, it makes sense that this is a chackpoint.

Thanks ;D

Thanks for the information!

1✔) Ah, there it is. I Changed it up and it looks a lot better.
2✔) Changed the clover from money to star. Star has the function with 100 stars is a life. Didn't know that.
3✔) Looks much better (Picture HUD-3) ;D.
4!) I can't find any scrolling options. Only Character scrolling and automatic scrolling.
5!) I have custom enemy (picture Enemy).
6✔) I found it in the character setup (Projectile Freqensy).

Thanks for your help ;D
My answers won't be too specific, so I recommend you refer to the Command Prompt page. If you're not comfortable with using commands, check TingThing's tutorial. It may be a good idea to watch the entire playlist in general, it's a nice starting point: you may even learn some new things  C:-) O:-)

1. You can change coin sprites from the Items 2 sprite sheet, alternatively upload your graphic as a "Sprite" and replace default coins with custom items. This has other perks as well.
2. The easiest solution would be to change currencies from coins to stars. If this has to be money, you can add a conditional like this:
Code: [Select]
if money=100
//add whatever you want to happen
Best used with a custom item, as they have command prompts that can check for this only when they're collected. Adding this to a Looping command prompt would work fine, if not a bit wasteful. Looping prompts essentially repeat a set of commands every few frames.. so don't get too carried away or your game might get choppy  ;D
3. Yes, you can change most of the HUD with commands. I don't remember if anyone made a good tutorial/presentation... it would be useful because it's pretty clunky and unintuitive. I could guide you through that process if you want to deal with that.
4. Change scrolling settings from Loose to Fixed (I believe that's what they're called). The screen will stay fixed vertically.
5. What enemy are you using? Is it one of the default ones or is it custom?
6. Automatic isn't the default setting. I'm not sure what you mean by this, did you change th setting somewhere or do you want to limit the amount of bullets that can be on screen?
Hello, me again!
I have some questions, hope it's ok to post them in one topic.

1) Can the coin image be changed? For example, if I want to collect clover (or other stuff). I didn't find any tiles for that (Picture Money).
2) Is it possible to get a life for 100 coins (or clover in my case) and it starts again from 0? If yes, how?
3) Is it possible to change the HUD graphically. It doesn't fit my 8-bit style ;)
4) Is it possible to fix the scrolling in one direction? So only to the right (not up if i jump). And so with the character go over the screen, to get to a secret place like in Mario (warp zones)?
5) Jumping on the enemy kills him, but it also damages me (Character). Can this be changed? So just jumping on an enemy doesn't damage the character. Face to face damage is possible.
6) How can I turn off the automatic shot? A push on button is also one shot. Even if i stay longer.

Thanks so much for your help and time!

Happy to help :D
Oh :o, there it is (Frame), thanks!
Yes, that was it. All yellow boxes added with my sprite and now it's pending at the wall.
Thank You :))
Working with Platform Builder / Re: Own make character is too broad for solid wall
« Last post by Gizgord on April 26, 2023, 08:20:34 AM »
Got to enter the editor. You know, double click on a given sprite. Bounding box settings should be on bottom right
Ah, the yellow ones! Yes, that's 2 more with the man. Then I'll sign them too, as soon as time permits.
But I can't find the setting for the frame (Bounding Box settings under the Custom Sprites category)? I have the 10.4.2 Pro version.
Working with Platform Builder / Re: Own make character is too broad for solid wall
« Last post by Gizgord on April 23, 2023, 06:13:52 PM »
What I meant by that were boxes highlighted in yellow. These are important, because you'll be using their bounding box. I see that you already have a standing sprite, which is good. You technically don't need the other two (Top-Down Swim and Duck) if you won't use these abilities. Maybe do a Duck for good measure.
You'll find Bounding Box settings under the Custom Sprites category. Platform Builder usually does well to assign these values automatically, but in this case you may need to adjust.
all of the highlighted animations
No, i have only stand and walk. The other is still the man. You mean I need everything in the picture?
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