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Completed Sandbox Levels / Borderless
« Last post by Gizgord on November 25, 2022, 04:49:23 PM »
"Many daredevils were claimed by this mysterious fortress.
Its magical properties cause adventurers to warp between two borders, making escape impossible.
Can you manage to do it?"

This sandbox is quite experimental. The main gimmick is screen-wrap, similar to what you saw in Mario Bros. arcades. Walk up to the right edge, you end up on the left edge. Based on that mechanic are simple puzzles and platforming challenges. The actual screen-wrapping is done with two repeatable command blocks, as they change player's X axis. Players have to be moved 16 pixels away from these command blocks, so there's a one-tile border to mask that effect. If anyone were to replicate the effect, I'd recommend using farther camera distances. Just so you have more to work with.
This isn't the most robust thing in the world. If you manage to jump above the ceiling while screen-wrapping, you'll be teleported to the top of that wall. It's pretty fun and figuring that out, I felt like a speedrunner. So I left most of those spots in, now it's up to you to figure them out.  >:D
Ambience is an ominous silence, broken only by sounds of your footsteps and jumps. I was looking for a fitting music track, but no luck so far. There are no deadly obstacles in the level, your biggest enemy will prove to be patience.
The sandbox took about 5 hours to make. 2 hours were spent messing around with the block indicator sprite and footsteps CP, so it's more like 3,5 hours on a good day. I'm glad that I made it, it was fun. Hope you enjoy it  ;D


Introductions / Re: Oh...hi's been a minute
« Last post by CGM on November 21, 2022, 11:51:02 PM »
Hey, @Alley ! It's nice to see you again. It'd be nice if we could chat on steam or discord sometime soon, maybe.  ;)
I'd rather not get into religious discussion here on the forums, I'd prefer to do that in a private conversation. I do have one comment to make on something you said, but we don't have to have a long argument about it.
I agree that by Platform Builder standards, ASM is an amazing game. But by indie game standards, ASM is just a cheap, horrible ripoff. Games like Spark the Electric Jester and Freedom Planet are hte kinds of games I'd want ASM to be as good as. But the thing is, ASM doesn't have anything that makes it truly unique or worth playing compared to those games, which I highly recommend you look into playing if you haven't. If ASM was to be finished, I'd want it to meet those standards. Spark and Freedom Planet both are high-quality retro games that are lots of fun and aren't buggy with amazing graphics and fun game mechanics, and ASM was the opposite of all of that.
I looked at a braindump I made of ideas of things to put into the game, and the one game mechanic that sounded pretty fun would be to have a paint machine that works like F.L.U.D.D from Super Mario Sunshine and have similar mechanics from Paper Mario Color Splash. It sounds like a fun idea, but I haven't been able to think of anything original and fun that could work. ASM was a very colorful game, I mean, just look at the logo. I even was going to have different things behave different based on color, but the system never was fully realized and it was a bit complicated. To me it being based on colors of paint could be a fun idea if I was to ever continue the game. If I had a solid idea of what the game mechanics were to be, and if it was fun, and I had a team of creative people to design levels and do some coding, I would make the game happen. But I don't have any of that, so ASM is cancelled for now. But that doesn't mean I'm not interested in continuing the project. Also, I'd probably change the  project's name as The Adventures of Super Mike is a really dumb name.

I hope you have a good day, Allar.  ;) God bless!
Works in Progress / Re: Spy Island - Demo V 1.2
« Last post by WidgetKitty on November 20, 2022, 07:26:42 PM »
Thanks for the lovely comment, @Alley - I'll answer it here, without the quote.

Yeah, for this game I drew over the original sprite sheets - the wasps took over the Tilbubs' spot. I saw this recommended here on the forums before I started, that replacing the enemies rather than the "Extras" make them behave better with commands and arrows? I'm not sure, it's just the route I took, and it works, lol!

Yup, no birds - I like bats and wasps more!

I actually did a lot of lurking here, reading old posts and update logs, before I dove into my game -  that and PB is similar to other programs I've tried, so I just got comfortable with it quick. But yeah, it really isn't that complicated under the hood so far - just basic commands.

There'll be  a lot of ending bonuses once the game is finished - such as a music test level, credits level, etc. All that will have to wait, but sorry that I didn't mention in game about the dead ends, and it being a beta demo - I only put it in the description. I'll be sure to add a note to the next beta demo.

Hah, well I can address both of those surprises at once. True, it's rare to see women in video game development, though we have been involved since the early days of arcades & Atari - just rare. As for me, I'm an only child in a family of mostly men who were mechanics and carpenters by day, and gamers by night. So watching games fascinated me since I was about 4-5, though I hardly got any good at them (really, I might just look good at my own game because I test levels constantly). I can beat easier platformers on Nintendo, but these days I prefer SIM & tycoon style stuff. Making games for me is more of a medium; it combines three of my biggest passions - art, music, and solving puzzles/challenges. So I became obsessed early on with making my own games too, because it seemed like every step would be fun. And I was right!

Anyway, I actually finished three more levels last night, completing the next section of the medium path that comes after the demo's dead end. I just felt like making this one before the easy path, and get my desert theme out of the way (the next part of the medium path ironically takes you through a snowy mountain, but that'll be far later, near final release).

So I played these four new levels (including "Cactus Crawl" that was posted above, though it's been altered) and uploaded it to YouTube. First is a long fortress with some upgrades, then after level 14 is a pyramid with a mini boss that kills me twice, and finally the second tank level. There's also more new enemies, music, and two new bosses.

It came out to almost half an hour long - perhaps I'm making my levels too big? But this is what I was envisioning! I want the final game to be 8-10 hours of gameplay, roughly. Here it is, if anyone wants to skim through and see the progress:

That was a stressful playthrough! It's supposed to be the second level of difficulty after all, it should be a bit tough. Well, I need some rest from this, let me know what you guys think!
Works in Progress / Re: Spy Island - Demo V 1.2
« Last post by Alley on November 19, 2022, 09:37:44 PM »
I suspected what wasps in your game may be but wasn't sure as I have seen quite a lot of different-looking wasps. You probably have edited quite a many sprite sheets for your game then because, in my opinion, PB doesn't allow making custom enemies that can follow arrows. Your game, however, has no flying birds. :) Your pink bombs are looking to work like my Invasion project bosses that change behavior depending on health practically just by changing to another enemy but I am not very sure if I would merge such types of bombs in a first attempt. Your game may look more complicated than it is actually but this proves you are able to use your skills, application features, and limits very well to mix up the best possible result.
I thought your game has a problem because I designed my own games always complete even when it's not finished and that is why I probably expected your game to get beaten also but when you just didn't waste your time on making endings before your final levels should be done then you can ignore what I mentioned before. It is not a bug but just won't tell if the game is finished. :P

There are 2 surprises for me to know now about you. One is that you are practically born with an interest to play and make games like me. I often drew monsters and worlds and when I played my first PC games I started to think that these are made by some people and asked myself if it would be possible and affordable for me to do something like this. And for some type of reason, I even could think if it may be possible to edit games that have no built-in editors as Battle Tank and some other NES games have. I think I was just 8 years old when I dreamed about my own games but before this, I already loved to think of games to play with friends outside, think of what they must do in order to beat my games somewhere in a forest, etc. The drawing was later replaced by drawing with programs and making animations etc.
The second is that I expected you to be a boy or man because we can't find that many female indie developers especially have such interest and skills in PC.

Your next revealed level looks very nice as well and a completely different world when looking at new enemy types. I see you are also a very good gamer. I hope I will be not much worse when it will be my turn to play at your next levels. :D Also, I suggest you contact Ting_Thing! Your game is not finished but I think it is worthy to be in a "Featured" category already and I am very sure Ting_Thing would accept your request if only he deals with such things yet. ;)
Works in Progress / Re: Spy Island - Demo V 1.2
« Last post by WidgetKitty on November 17, 2022, 11:26:42 AM »
Thank you so much @Alley , I really appreciate your comments!

While it's true I'm not good at making systems - I'm no coder - I've been designing levels and game mechanics since I was a little girl. I used to maker paper dolls with clothes and accessories, but after seeing my cousins play Super Mario Bros, I switched to drawing a hero, enemies, items, and platforms, and made my own games and levels on a coffee table. I did this for years - just wanted to make my own game so bad! So...  I have a LOT of material in my head for platform game ideas. Decades of them. Actually a lot of what's in this game are enemies I remember drawing, and songs I wrote during music lessons as a kid, intending to use them in a game (I just started making songs for real about three years ago, this is my first time using them for a real game).

The game is about 1/3 finished, this is just a demo of my beta. The three white fences, in front of three unfinished forts on the world map, block off areas that aren't done. Hoping to have it 2/3 done next month and put another demo out.

The wasps are pretty simple, just flying enemies that follow arrows, and some chase you. Those pink bombs are a whole set of different enemies that switches types depending on how many times they're hit, or a timer. So they seem like one enemy with changing behaviour, but they're really changing enemies. I'm going to add a little more to their AI later with some commands.

I've got a little more made now - here's level 14, "Cactus Crawl", which is right after getting the wall jump upgrade - and this level forces you to use it a lot:

In this video there's also new enemies, music, sounds effects, and new level start/complete songs. I'm making progress quicker than I expected!
Introductions / Re: Oh...hi's been a minute
« Last post by Alley on November 16, 2022, 02:49:37 AM »
Oh my, how do I begin this re-introduction?
Well, first I wanna say that I'm sorry for dropping out like I did. I won't go into any details, but let's just say I had to step back for a minute, and completely disconnect for awhile. It was for personal reasons I won't get into, but the point is that I'm back, with a new goal and purpose to make 3D art.


Hi, Christian Game Maker! :)

Yeah, I agree, that the tools may not be the final solutions for not-that-successful developers to move on and I feel I even may have a similar reason why I have not done anything with PB for long already although I would not be called Invasion: Going Personal canceled but rather less prioritized right now. Too bad I have made so little progress it can be considered equal to being canceled.

I am really glad you finally realized it is really pointless to turn someone into something you are because you really can't turn someone into something else if people you are trying to turn something into are probably at least the same confidence in their own view like you are and so I don't think it is very understanding to think everyone else for sure is wrong and you are right. Of course, I think you are still a very nice person and you wish everyone the best and this is what I think you deserve to be remembered at most.
Also, your game ASM was not that bad... Maybe not the best but for sure not the worse. Rather one of the best ones made and the system you all made was definitely over most of the projects made for Explore section. I think, just some graphics improvements and bug fixes could make this project that good I would enjoy it even next to lots of commercial games because I really like retro. Your religion ruins nothing when you just can give some intense and fun experience into your game and you even don't need any rude language like Invasion has here and there. Because those games have just different plots and characters, these can be different fantasies but not better or worse than others.  O:-)
Works in Progress / Re: Spy Island - Demo V 1.2
« Last post by Alley on November 16, 2022, 02:26:00 AM »
I played now a whole thing(to a time when it reached another version). Didn't update because it would have ruined the whole progress. From what I played I saw it is really special, and enjoyable, definitely a game over a long time that I bother to play just to get an experience from start to end. :) Although, I suspect you are not the best at making a system but from what your skills are you are using those better than most people or even better than I do. You are very good at design and with your other skills that may not be the best, it is enough to make you able to make one of the best games. I have seen some good developers and some not that-good ones but didn't expect some of these ones who can put all their skills together so professionally it makes that good result. The only problem is that I think it is unbeatable because I seem to have beaten every single level in a row but nothing happens. However, I think it is not up to you completely because this is what is the one reason why I lost my motivation next to other problems. Although PB is a fantastic editor it is made basically by one person and when one thing gets fixed another thing may get bugged and so our games must be improved over and over.
I thought I am ready now to update your game but won't play again for now because time is limited and your game is not the easiest one which is not bad but I want to do more things also. When time passes and I am ready to try again I try to let you know about the problems. :)

Note that I am even not sure if you really are not that good at making your own system because I have even no idea how did you make your wasps and am even not sure if I know how you made your pink enemies on a bike. Just the bosses and some other things seem simpler and more classic than some other projects which made me think you are a rather very dedicated person rather than ready for action... You are still very good also with timelines, command prompt, and stuff... Just for not letting you think I would think you are not in making customs. :D
Introductions / Re: Oh...hi's been a minute
« Last post by CGM on November 14, 2022, 09:05:03 PM »
Thank you all for your kind words and support!

To be clear I won't be actively pursuing developing games in any engine for now. That chapter is pretty much closed right now. 3D artwork is my #1 priority and probably will be for the long term.

My biggest problem with cancelling ASM was that I was very invested in the project, and I didn't want to end up like many other people who have plans to finish a game, then it never gets finished. But alas, that is what has happened.

Good advice, and that's exactly what I've been doing. :)

Yeah, in my years of logo making I've learned that it's a good idea to have both detailed and non/detailed versions of logos.
Works in Progress / Re: Spy Island - Demo V 1.2
« Last post by WidgetKitty on November 14, 2022, 02:59:09 PM »
~Version 1.2 Update~

I just updated and fixed several small things in the game, and a tiny bit of new content. This is not a major update, mostly fixing things I noticed watching @Gizgord 's play through.

Here's what's been updated:

Some easier levels:


-A few levels have been made a little easier, especially levels 4, 7, and 11; they're supposed to be the easiest path, and were a bit challenging for that. Level four especially has changed a lot, with the wind element removed and platforms not so tiny:

Zoom and item fixes:


Many athletic-style levels are zoomed out a little more, to see what's ahead (while the Camp Challenge was zoomed in, to focus on each trap), so stages like level 9 are better. Also some item problems were fixed, and you can't cheat to get that 1-up anymore:

New first Challenge Zone:


My first "Challenge Zone" was kind of rough to start, so it was moved up, then swapped with an easier one, then I made a new level to be the first challenge instead, so now there's eight of them. This one is an easier start to this "side quest":

Other small fixes:


-Some hidden or far-out areas have more rewards.
-The boomerang message command in level 4 now works, explain that it collects coins & items
-A few enemies with sporadic movements were fixed, so they do as intended now
-Some unfair enemies removed
-Armoured skeletons can be jumped on now
-Minecart enemies have less HP - easier to get their coins



Not much yet, I'm in the midst of designing the next three forts still, tweaking the music, and adding some features. Thinking I'll have these forts and six-to-eight new levels ready for the next big update, beta v 2.0 - and I intend to pick a title for that one! Planning this update for the end of the month, and I'll post other progress in this thread.

For now, here is how one of the forts is coming along:

Thanks for taking a look guys! If anyone wants to try the game out, or update and see if it's any better, let me know what you thing, or if you find anything that needs fixin'!

WidgetKitty out!
Introductions / Re: Oh...hi's been a minute
« Last post by Gizgord on November 14, 2022, 01:44:57 PM »
 :'( Long time no see.

Pursuing 3D, right? I'm happy that you do. I was happy about it way back when you first started sharing your models and renders.

Considering Godot? Fair enough. You'll be better off when you get good at it. As for me, PB is just a side-hobby, I'm not actually interested in game development.
I just want you to know that you canceling ASM is not a big deal. Really, PB is a side hustle to everyone of us. Don't beat yourself up about it, use it as a learning experience: in how to manage the scope of a project. Consume other media as to not skew/limit your viewpoints and find more inspiration. Manage expectations to your ability and available time... and so on.
You've grown to dislike your old stuff, calling them cringy. I'm not saying they weren't  :-X, that's your call to make. But... would you be in this position, still doing 3D, if it wasn't for them?

My favourite logo variant is the second last.
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