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Introductions / Oh...hi's been a minute
« on: November 13, 2022, 11:23:12 PM »
Oh my, how do I begin this re-introduction?
Well, first I wanna say that I'm sorry for dropping out like I did. I won't go into any details, but let's just say I had to step back for a minute, and completely disconnect for awhile. It was for personal reasons I won't get into, but the point is that I'm back, with a new goal and purpose to make 3D art.

I'm not leaving the Platform Builder community, I'll still be around. But I won't be as invested in Platform Builder like I used to be anymore, and ASM hasn't been worked on much since 2020. It's on indefinite hiatus. So, you can consider it cancelled for now, the project is dead. I'll explain why.

I went back to it not too long ago to re-evaluate the project to really see if I knew what I was doing, and if the project had enough substance to really continue work. I came to a conclusion. I'd need to completely re-build the game from scratch in something that isn't Platform Builder (scripts, sprites, everything) because the quality I always wanted ASM to be just wouldn't work with the PB. I did some research, and decided that were the project to continue, it would be developed in Godot.

The biggest reason I've decided to cancel ASM is because I don't have the will, desire, or ability to finish it. As I compared ASM to other successful games, I came to the conclusion that there was nothing truly unique about ASM to separate it from any other platformer that's out there. While I coded a lot of mechanics and functions, a lot of them were buggy and just weren't designed that well. The game was very unbalanced. I would beat my head over the level design, as I knew that was key to a successful game. I never could come up with good levels that complimented my game mechanics.
I realized that ASM was a hodgepodge of a ton of different ideas that didn't connect, and every level was going to be a completely new learning experience for the player, which is bad design.
As I did more research, played more games and things, I realized that there's a flaw in Platform Builder. The character controller sucks. I'm sorry, but it just does. I'm not saying it's bad, it could just use a serious overhaul. I've played games with far better controls. TBH, when developing ASM, I spent almost no time actually playing games to see what was out there to compare it so. That's not to say I didn't play games at all, I just spent very little time doing it, which really warped my perspective of what a respectable videogame is. (I was out of touch with videogames I suppose you could say, especially indie games)

ASM just simply had no direction, and I didn't even have the plot figured out. Looking back, the plot for the game was just...really dumb and cringe. I would want to completely revamp the plot, and pretty much start from ground zero.

As you all know, I am a Christian just like the developer of Platform Builder, and I want to share my faith whenever I can and do it respectfully. But I've realized that nobody wants to play a game that almost forcefeeds you what I believe, and why I believe it. (I don't want to just tell you what I believe, I want it to be clear why I believe it as well, because if you don't know the why, you won't except the what)

If ASM was to be finished, it would be a paid product. I wanted the game to be free originally because I knew people would be upset if they paid for a religious game that they were offended by. Yes, ASM was supposed to be a game that would share my beliefs in a way that I would hope people weren't turned off by. While I still want to do this, I don't want to be as forward as I planned on being. Where the gospel is still a central theme, but it's just not in your face. Why on earth would I have wanted to/want to do that? As I've said before, I believe with all my heart that people are in danger of being judged by our creator for our actions. We cannot be saved from the wrath of God by works, it's only by what Jesus did on the cross. It means a lot if people will just listen to what I have to say, but they don't have to believe it. I don't want to force my beliefs on anyone.

Even before I knew about Platform Builder, I always wanted to pursue my life long dream of being an animator/artist. My 3D art is my #1 priority RN, and I'm currently open to doing free commissions. I'm now going to be known as Computer Graphics Maker. (CG is a common acronym for Computer Generated, or Computer Graphics) I know it sounds dumb, (honestly Christian Game Maker sounds really dumb as well, but that's what you get for coming up with the name on the fly with no intention other than to create a bug report on a forum) but I've gone by the alias CGM for years now, and I just couldn't give it up. So, yeah. I'm still going by CGM, it just stands for something different, now.

If you want me to make a logo or animation for your YouTube channel or whatever it might be, just contact me. I will not accept any projects that I deem to be inappropriate. Also since I'm not being paid, I'm not usually going to be in too much of a hurry to get a project done, though I'll do my best to get whatever it is finished in as soon as I can. If you have a deadline, I can do my best to meet that deadline.

I can do modelling, animating, rigging, (I try to avoid rigging if I can, it's just a boring time consuming process that I don't particularly enjoy,) characters (those take quite a bit of time to make, though) and environments.

I'm not a professional yet, I'd say I'm intermediate in this field right now.

Anyway, it's good to be back and I hope this community grows and more people end up using Platform Builder. But I recommend switching to Godot if you've mastered Platform Builder and are serious about actually making something that's serious. Platform Builder is an excellent learning tool, but it's not much more than that in my view. I'm not at all saying you can't make something awesome in it, it's just that if you wanna broaden your horizons and unlock freedom to create whatever you want without relying on the next Platform Builder update and not pay anything, Godot is the way to go. It's free and open source, works great, and many people who switch from Unity and Unreal Engine to Godot end up loving Godot more. Also, Godot is currently developing a game changer update that will severely improve it especially when it comes to 3D games. Yes, you heard right. It's capable of creating fully 3D games, or, if you want, 2D and 3D hybrid games. I found this to be a great resource for getting started with learning it's own language, GD Script. It supports other programming languages, but the one it comes with isn't that hard to learn if you're comfortable with Platform Builder's command prompt.

I'm glad to see that this community is still about as active as it pretty much has always been, and it's good to see these new faces.
Anyway, thanks to everyone for the support for my projects and the help you all have been. I hope you all are doing well, and God bless. This is a pretty great community, and I want to thank all those that I've gotten to know a little bit on here.

Oh, and one last thing. What do you think of my logos? I literally threw it all together in about 2 and a half hours just last night. ...also, let's have my 3D avatar be a thing of the past...I don't plan on resurrecting that. It's really rather pointless, and not the most professional thing. Maybe in the future, but not now.


Off Topic / Avatar Change for 2021!
« on: December 30, 2020, 04:00:08 AM »
NOTE: This is only to represent me, and does not reflect the way I look. It was inspired from my imagination, and my pixel avatar.

Okay, I was not expecting such negative feedback for the last post I made. After doing extensive work on a better version, I now unveil what a lot of you have already seen, only this time I'm showing off the entire character, instead of just the head and shoulders.I hope 'yall like this new one. It's taken a lot of time, and a lot of feedback to get it looking to the point of where people say they like it.

I quickly threw this render together, so the expression may seem odd to you, but I'm tired at the time of writing this. I really hope you all like this improved version. (The rigging's not done, if it was I'd be showing the model differently, like I'd mimic the avatar I've got now)


Here's some other pics: (They were all expression tests)


Off Topic / CGM's Annual Avatar change! 2021 OLD, POORLY RECIEVED
« on: December 26, 2020, 06:59:05 AM »
Well, I'm pretty sure I've stated this before, that I wanna do a new avatar each year, only this year I have a lot planned. I plan on changing my avatar for each season, holiday, and special occasion, all revolving around my brand new character design. Say hello to 3D CGM!


I've been working on this a few days, and I've had it in mind for quite some time. This model's gone through quite a few revisions, and it's not yet finalized. I'll be showing off various renders in the near future, once I get it rigged and ready to go, as it's not complete yet.

What's happening to my pixel-sprite design? Consider it something used only in the context of Platform Builder, and as a classic design. I'll still be using it for certain PB related things, but for now my 3D avatar is going to be front and center.

Anyway, hope you guys all like it. If you think something should be changed/adjusted, or anything, let me know!
And let's hope that 2021 ends up being a better year than 2020. ;)

Off Topic / New CGM artwork for Sonic OC (New name, Dilla)
« on: December 03, 2020, 03:23:29 AM »
So, I made a post yesterday showcasing a new Sonic OC I created. In this post, I'm showcasing a front-view angle of the character. It's in higher definition, with a few minor changes from the other one.

I stated in the previous post that the character's name was "Sarah the Wolf." This has changed to "Dilla the Wolf." The reason for the name change is kind of a long story, and is rather confusing. So, I'll just leave it at that. The character's name has changed.
I've tried making this look a lot better than the last, and the biggest difference is that the head is slightly wider than it should be. I decided to make the pants come all the way down to the character's shoes/socks (whatever) and the wrists have a simple white ring at the end, whereas before I had that "glove" look that sonic characters typically have on the wrists.

The "original" color scheme for this character I've scrapped, and I've decided to stick with this nice purple look. So, you won't be seeing any more of the grey versions of this character in the future, likely.

I plan on making more drawings of this character, so stay tuned if you're interested. If you're not, oh well. Who cares to look at my art anyway? I'm gonna guess not very many people. I share my projects with people to get feedback/opinons/help/critiques so that I can do better work in the future. So please, again, if you have any critiques, comments etc, please leave them in a PM or here on this post. It doesn't matter to me.

Thanks for viewing!


Off Topic / CGM art Sonic OC (Original Character)
« on: December 02, 2020, 05:54:02 AM »
So, as you guys know, I've been drawing for a few years now, with most of that art being put into pixel-based art.Well, as some of you probably know, I'm a Sonic fan. Well, I created a Sonic OC design. I created this character based off of another Sonic-related OC a friend of mine created. This is a wolf character, who's name is Sarah the Wolf. I did this for the fun of it, and to hone-in on my art skills. If you guys have any tips, or critiques, I'm open to them as always. Note that I was a little sloppy in some areas, but there nothing big, and I will improve. ;)


Off Topic / New CGM Song (I promise this isn't junk)
« on: September 20, 2020, 11:04:20 PM »
Okay, those of you who know of my embarrassing past with music are probably gonna expect another trash song to come from me. This time I've written a song I'm truly proud of. Another one is already in the works. And I'm very late posting this on the forums since I wrote this song at the end of August and it didn't get uploaded to YouTube till September 3rd.
It's called "Reflecting." Yup. I've never named a wordless song of mine before. And I'd say I'm pretty bad at naming songs that don't have words. Not that I've written many songs with words (none of which I've recorded)

Suggestions / More physics options
« on: September 02, 2020, 01:09:14 AM »
With these new physics introduced in 8.2, sure we've got more options, but these new features are simply begging the additons of more physics sliders. Such as traction for enemies, bounciness, (objects falling down really fast will cause them to land on the ground and do a little jump) mass, and deceleration.
This way we could have more physics based things. For example, I was excited to see knockback physics come to enemies and characters. I thought I could finally do my dream of having some kind of box that you could kick around that had physics. It could ricochett off of walls, flip, and all sorts of things. I was sorely mistaken when I discovered that if I gave an enemy knockback,  then it would just go a certain distance, and stop instantaniously. I couldn't make it bounce on the ground if it was heavy (from falling down) and there was 0 deceleration. Traction was nonexistant as well. It was essentially a lifeless linear animation that was lame.

I would love to see a massive physics overhaul for 9.0 along with the new sprites.

Also, this new graphics artist could create more groundtiles that we could use to

Suggestions / Forum Suggestion: @Mentions
« on: August 16, 2020, 08:33:17 PM »
I know it's possible to do this in Simple Machines, so, please, TingThing, do you mind enabling mentions? It'd be nice to have that available.

Suggestions / HD UI
« on: August 10, 2020, 05:38:42 PM »
First off, this is very low priority. It's just simply a request to make the UI (User Interface) HD. That way PB would look nicer, perhaps more appealing, and would work better with HD games.

Off Topic / Steam Sale
« on: June 29, 2020, 05:34:25 PM »
Hey, I thought I should let all of you guys know that the Steam Summer Sale is currently active, and ends July 9th.I was originally not going to write this, but I figured it'd be inconsiderate not to let those who are in the dark about this know about the sale.
For those of you interested in Sonic games, all Steam sonic games are discounted (except for Team Sonic Racing) and are at really great prices. The cheapest Sonic game is Sonic Generations for 1$. (American Dollars, I'm guessing it's 1 Euro for those of you from Europe.)

So, if you've had your eye on steam games that you wanted to wait to go on sale before buying, now's the time to purchase them.

Happy gaming!

Suggestions / Save State Command
« on: June 12, 2020, 04:51:21 PM »


Look at this picture. It's the PB command prompt. The Save Game command is nice, but I'd like to have 2 variations of it. A "Save State" command, and a "Save Game State" command.

A Save State command would simply record the exact location, area, stats, actually everything that is going on in that very instant. This would be extremely useful in some cases. The command would only save the state until the game was closed.

A Save Game State command would work exactly like the Save State command, only it acts as the Save Game command does. Instead of it just saving everything except for the location of the player and what's going on in the area, it'd capture everything and it'd save it until PB saves again.

This would be extremely useful in certain cases. I hope TingThing considers adding these commands for 8.1. I have suggested this before, just so you know. ;)

General Discussion / Crazy Shape Banzai Opensource?
« on: June 12, 2020, 01:10:07 AM »
CSB is a nice game, but I think the community could make it better. Should I opensource CSB?

Suggestions / Light Block Intensity/Alpha/Something!
« on: June 09, 2020, 02:44:24 AM »
I was super excited to find out that we could now add in custom light shaders! I've played around with the settings quite a bit, but I find it incomplete. The main complaint I have, is the lack of intensity. Well, that's the biggest complaint I have I should say. I've wanted to make really cool looking underground scenes for ASM, and I was so excited to finally make my crystal caves look really special. Well, making the crystals glow is nice, but, it's intensity is so low for certain colors, the glows are barely noticeable. And that's even when I just test it on the background. The glows are barely noticeable. This really needs to get added if we want to have more control over lights.

Suggestions / Light Settings Manager
« on: June 07, 2020, 07:00:09 PM »
It'd be nice to save light settings. This way, we don't have to constantly re-create light settings.

Suggestions / Animate lights
« on: June 07, 2020, 06:50:40 PM »
It'd be nice to have some presets for lights. What I mean is, in light block settings, we could choose different presets for like doing a rainbow type light animation. Where the lights slowly change from color to color across the spectrum.

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