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General Discussion / Re: Important request for developers...
« on: April 14, 2020, 07:33:28 PM »
After all what are you thinking Alley? If it's unrelated to the game, TingThing will not feature the game. He's human !
If I understand you properly then I for sure agree with you in this and I am glad that my game has been considered as one of those good ones. ::) I just made my topic because I have wanted to try to play every new game at least once but my PC got messed up and every game from Explore then was uninstalled. And I really didn't want to play all of those bad games again just to see if there are some new games available more than just one. This meant I also stopped playing a lot of new games that have no screenshots. ::)
My suggestion to add some more little rules also to the games that do not need to be Featured is for the authors good also. I think Mechasaur should agree with me in this one. ::)

Nice to know. Although IGP has not been in progress for long already I also don't have any other PB projects in progress nor many other persistent projects. Please take this as a break as we all have here sometimes from our projects! :)

I think I like my ASM logo a bit more than the one you made. It's nice, but just not me. Now, the Castle Chamber one looks great! But you forgot other great game logos. Such as IGP, LM, etc. Oh, and CSB.

Hey, thank you for mentioning my game also! O:-)

General Discussion / Re: Important request for developers...
« on: April 09, 2020, 12:44:15 AM »
The requirement to upload at least one screenshot is reasonable but Ting_Thing actually also should review if at least one screenshot from the game has been taken or just some type of picture has been uploaded that even does not fit with the subject. For now, it seems there is no reason why we should send our games to moderation first and wait before our game will be visible because it seems that every game will be accepted anyway.  ???

General Discussion / Re: ASM PB HD Concept
« on: April 09, 2020, 12:33:37 AM »

I just saw a topic called "8.0 New View Settings" just next to this topic if looking from the latest posts... I think an announcement made from the mentioned topic solves your suggestion made by you in a topic called "HD PB". ::)
However, you should be rather tactful from some time on about how much awesome stuff you want to add to your game. Your game is loading in quite a slowly now already and such big pictures especially if you have it a lot make your game much bigger. I mean you don't need to add so many awesome things to your game to make it look great. For example, some amateur who has never made their own games even can't notice you have no HD because the sprites from PB are great for now also. In a game, a lot will be made smaller and details can look a bit better but your game is going to be very slow if you plan to make enemies, bosses, items, obstacles and everything else big like your character especially if you also plan to animate this all. :-\

Works in Progress / Re: Super Adventure: Reloaded
« on: March 29, 2020, 12:29:42 AM »
I already commented about it on YouTube. :) You see how easy it is actually to make something special with PB. It just needs some imagination and focusing because it is really not that type of application that needs to be learned long first. ::)

General Discussion / Re: Important request for developers...
« on: March 29, 2020, 12:24:05 AM »
I think yes. I used GameMaker Studio. TingThing would probably need some third-party plugin or something like that to do it. Trust me
This is what, I agree with. :) You can't say for sure which is simple and which is hard if you are not a developer in the level.
For me, I have used Game Maker and it was not difficult to learn about how to add a video or even web pages to the game. To be more precise it is very easy but Game Maker has only some basic options to do some not customizable things at that level. Figuring about how to add those boxes to the game without ugly full screen, a separate window and a "Close" button that would fit a special game design also are very hard. I don't know how to do it. ;)

Off Topic / Re: Important! Funny/Cartoon Video With IMPORTANT Message!
« on: March 22, 2020, 12:35:59 AM »
Yeah, Christian Game Maker... ::) That is very logical. I strive to be that logical too so I just answer the messages I have got even if I don't enjoy this much. Sometimes, it is smarter to not be so logical to save some time. But your the latest answer, makes sense. :D

Off Topic / Re: Important! Funny/Cartoon Video With IMPORTANT Message!
« on: March 21, 2020, 09:53:48 PM »
Oh, come on! I make some long text which may cause a lot of people to be annoyed... However, a lot of them who read even agree or even run and hideaway because of my sharp speech and mirror for themselves to see. Do you even still understand what I tried to explain to you? I appreciate it if you try to warn us of anything bad sincerely because I appreciate people being nice but sometimes I suspect that all your speech about your games, nice talk, etc have all the same goal. To slowly and strategically reach back to God.
Let me explain then differently than previously! ::) You don't need to warn over and over with the same thing to be nice... You have seen that most of us have strong opinions deeply inside our mind which is not so simple to breaks.  But instead of you, even if I would be Christian then I would not make so many attempts... Because I have also intelligent enough to understand that we all may think we are right as you... So let's respect everyone the way they are!

Also considering that your God is true, if we are going to hell just because your powerful God and Jesus are not able to prove their existence to our mind then I would not love this God even if I would be sure it exists. So rather be very careful about how you are trying to advertise your faith to us!  ???

Off Topic / Re: Important! Funny/Cartoon Video With IMPORTANT Message!
« on: March 21, 2020, 05:15:48 PM »
The problem why people may take it as pushing is because a lot of people who believe in some type of God warns other people that way. All of them are saying there can't be more God's than one perhaps what they are believing is true and they all have a lot of fairy tales and people who have seen their God in their opinion somehow which must be some type of evidence or what. For me, it is just silly but for them who are basically just like you but just with another God, it may feel like an attempt to brainwash because you are trying to change about what they are into.
Can't you just place yourself on top of it all and see this objectively above? For me, this case anyway has just no function because when to listen to all of your kind(just with different beliefs) then we all are going to hell anyway, including you because we all are breaking someone's rules. And there is really no reason to argue actually. ::)

Off Topic / Re: Important! Funny/Cartoon Video With IMPORTANT Message!
« on: March 19, 2020, 12:00:39 AM »
That's what atheism/agnosticism does to a person. Takes away all meaning to life, destroys hope, and destroys that persons future. Without Allah, this life is meaningless. I am 100% aware that not everyone here appreciates the help I'm giving.

Lets say you're swimming in a shark-infested area. And there's a sign that says "NO SWIMMING: SHARK INFESTED WATERS." And a shark is coming at you, and I see that you are in mortal danger, do I have a moral responsibility to warn you? Yes, I do. If  I don't warn you, and the shark gets a hold of you, do I have blood on my hands for not warning you? Yes. This is me alerting you that Allah is a just judge, and that death is the shark coming at you that's going  to seize you at any moment. Now that I've warned you, you're like a person who does not believe the shark is there. Because you don't see it, but I do see it.

You might as well say that not everyone cares for a cure for the Corona Virus. This is even more serious than the Corona  Virus. Lets say there's a cure, and you're infected with the virus and you don't care for the cure. I have the cure, yet you reject it, because you don't think it is that big a deal. Well, it may/may not be.

The point is that you're rejecting my warning of there being a shark in the water. Death could seize on anyone at any moment. And without Islamic standards, that shark is  going to kill you. And there's no escape.

Islamic standards can rescue you from that "shark" called death. It's up to you to listen to me, or not.

People have a choice to watch my video, or read this post. It's up to them. If they don't like it, I'm perfectly fine with that. If they don't wanna talk about it, so be it. I won't force my beliefs on anyone. This is not forcing my belief. This is warning you. If I was forcing my belief on you, I'd be talking to each of you about this every time we talk on steam, or discord, or whatever. I'd find every way I could to convince you of my beliefs. Me putting this warning in my signature isn't hurting anyone. It's not me  imposing my beliefs. It's a warning.

Does this make sense?

Well... I am not into a certain belief. I just have some viewpoints and some but I made a quote of all your stuff because I have tried to explain this to you but you seem to not understand where you are making a mistake. ??? I mention also that I edited to your God to relate some another belief and I gave Turkish belief as an example. I am not sure if they have their own former human who is super good and now powerful also like Jesus but I replaced your Jesus with Islamic standards. Be acknowledged also that some people don't have such a former human also. In our country, our people had no God nor Jesus but good spirits from trees in the past. But the meaning of this is that you would be able to convert your words to a task called Fill in the blanks. I am not sure if everyone who believes in God would have the same viewpoints exactly but the point is always the same. What I have found is true and this is why it is not very correct to compare your warning with Shark danger.
If you are going to swim in deep water with sharks especially with the foreign and untrained ones it can cause a real danger to you. It is sure. :) And we all know that no matter what viewpoints do we have and I am sure we all can see about the sharks. Also even stupid people can prove they exist and they can eat you especially if you bleed underwater... Your God nor some else God has not been proved such way nor visible to anyone and the problem is not only that we don't want to see... You should respect that some members here can have their own Gods that their parents have taught them from a very young age on. This is not a very popular community also and people come from far away from very different countries. They all think their views and protectors are right but they don't try to change other people's viewpoints so aggressively. So why, maybe it is intelligent to understand equality and respect other people's viewpoints.

We don't need to be threatened nor warned about how much sins we have done and what can be the causes if we would not react fast. A lot of people with different views say the same and that everyone else is serving sins or wrong viewpoints/God. It is impossible for us to chose or know for sure the right God or viewpoint because none of those powerful come down to show themselves so it is nonsense to compare those things with real-life dangers like sharks with the same water with you. We all know that even when we don't accept your definitions of God or good. >:( This type of rush makes me feel a bit not right(mad) because this is why also a lot of wars and conflicts happen. Because everyone tries to push their right God over to someones else right God and views.


Also, saying that your warning alone, sins like watching a foreign female even if it is not a wanted feeling inside of us and our need to regret all of our life even very little things about what we do is more important than taking Coronavirus seriously right now in those situations feels stupid, really. ::) People die in this or survive and it has nothing to do with a belief they are into. But people who have their Gods always keep telling that their Gods will come to save us all.

Off Topic / Re: Dead Forums
« on: March 10, 2020, 06:41:46 PM »
What happened? This place was active like never before a few weeks ago. I personally have barely touched PB since I released a complete version of CSB. I've been doing other things, and I intend to get back to work on ASM once 8.0 is released, or if I get to beta test it. It's too bad this place isn't active like it was a short while ago.
Maybe that is a thing that may create deaf times in the community. You basically admit that you are one of them who even barely touches PB at certain times but at the same time you complain about no activity...
I am, for now, out too but that is what cut out more communication about the activity in these community and we with some others are still the most active members. Talking about everything else than about PB would be weird too. ???

Completed Sandbox Levels / Re: Drought Depression
« on: March 10, 2020, 06:26:25 PM »
Correct, turrets kill slime enemies, this is completely intended. Using the environment in your advantage is one of the points of the level.
Oh, I even didn't think it could be made accidentally. I actually don't know why so but I probably know that you are not making accidental cases nor glitches with things that are so easy to make. ::)

General Discussion / Re: Important request for developers...
« on: February 18, 2020, 02:11:35 AM »
Of course, I don't want to say that all of those games should be removed nor even that one of those should be. O:-) I, however, think that from now on, it should be limited. You can't publish your game with no game name and if I remember properly with no worlds and levels also. The same should go to a screenshot or give warning at least before publishing. ::)

Date, when a topic was started or ended, is not important for me. My post was not the first after that long time later and I always may answer if a topic interests me. ;)

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